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Buying a House – How to survive first months in a new place

So not long ago we bought a house. As with purchases of this sort we discovered a few surprising things about the house:

  1. Prepare for the best expect the worst.. We didn’t get the keys on time as our bank let us down..
  2. It is as cold as it is beautiful…insulation is the most popular word in our house lately
  3. Taking showers in the gym has never given us bigger pleasure as our shower releases hot water every few minutes thanks to a broken down boiler…
  4. Finding right appliances is a hard work but can pay off if done on Black Friday or postponed…
  5. Buying furniture in December is probably not the wisest idea, be patient and wait.
How to survive first months in a new house
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  1. HSBC didn’t pay our mortgage advance on the completion day which not only resulted in us paying for delay fee but also having to cover our sellers expenses due to their sale non going through on that day either.. We did challenge HSBC and they covered the additional fees caused by their daly so there was a happy ending but there was also unnecessary stress..
  2. Ok our house is huge, so it’s natural it’s cold but actually we discovered that the boiler is broken and the house is NOT INSULATED (only small part of the loft is..)..How stupid & unkind for the planet – the previous owners lived here for 20 years and they didn’t take care of that – looks like they preferred to pay more for utilities and send more CO2 away as well…gobsmacking… Ok we didn’t take the building survey just the house valuation- our bad – you can’t imagine how much I regret it now.. Broken boiler would explain why our estate agency was never able to get hold of the sellers and book us an intro appointment (we wanted to have a look at all things such as how to operate an alarm, check the boiler etc.) so yeah looks like the money saved on surveying the house will be spent for fixing the current boiler or buying a new one…We actually got the house £15k below the asking price, so I suppose we can get the boiler and insulation fixed within that price but on the retrospection I’d gone for the building survey had we had a chance…or I wouldn’t rush with moving homes as broken boiler in the winter time is a rather unpleasant..
  3. As the boiler is broken its obvious that our water was cold and taking a normal shower was impossible.. As an intermittent fix we have replaced a heat exchanger but it is still not working as desired. We arranged our boiler manufacturer service to come over and guess what they have found out ‘ the boiler has been incorrectly installed hence keeps stopping to work’. Now we need to buy a new boiler keep checking my blog as we will do a thorough research preceding this purchase as I want my boiler to be economical and eco friendly and overall good not just the first cheap one I will get out there.. As I firmly believe spending more now can save us more in the long run.
  4. I was following very closely Black Friday deals in 2017 and must say majority of the items I monitored were actually genuinely discounted on that day. I have been checking certain appliances prices prior to Black Friday and was mainly focusing on the 3 which I wanted to buy for the house:
  • HAIER HTF-452DM7 American-Style 75/25 Fridge Freezer – Stainless Steel its RRP was £897 but thanks to buying it on Black Friday we saved £87.90 thanks to 10% discount offered by Currys on that day. So ultimately with that this fridge freezer cost us £791.10 but actually it was £784.1 as I also saved £7 thanks to work voucher for Currys (I paid £93 for a voucher worth £100). We did go for it as we needed a fridge with a specific width as it is standing next to the French window leading to our garden.
  • RANGEMASTER – Professional+ FXP 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Stainless Steel & Chrome its RRP was £1,960 but thanks to buying it on Black Friday we saved £100 thanks to a Black Friday discount offered by Currys on that day. I also got a Currys voucher from work for £232.5 with face value of £250 – which saved me £17.50 and of course used TopCashback on this purchase hoping for a few more ££ to be saved…Ah and we got the cooker installation for free as Currys kept emailing me that it’s going to be delivered on time 08.01 and calling me that it won’t’ actually arrive on time…Having pestered them on Twitter I managed to get the installation fee – £100 wiped out completely.So ultimately the cooker cost us £1842.5 or a bit less – as I am still hoping to get £12 cashback for this purchase, although I should be getting around £26 for this purchase so I logged that incorrect cashback claim now..

          Why we bought such as ‘expensive’ cooker?

  • its energy efficient, its oven uses Energy Saving Panel (ESP). This removable panel allows to switch from a full-size 108 litre oven to a more modest 49 litre oven that uses less energy when cooking smaller dishes. Perfect just for the two of us but also will be handy when we have our families over 🙂
  • we wanted a cooker which will match somehow our fridge width and this will
  • its multifunctional as you can use its oven to bake a few different dishes if you use the separation wall
  • it has a function called: Pyrolitic oven cleaning (automatic cleaning function which works by heating the inside of the oven to 450°C, at which temperature any grease stuck to the walls is simply burned off)- which will be definitely used by us, saving us from hating cleaning the oven whenever we have top do so…


          Why we bought such as ‘expensive’ washing machine?

  • its A+++ so very economical in usage – its annual energy cost based on 15.40p/Unit is £17.85 and water usage is about 8.100 litres which is another £17 in the area where I live (for 2016/17, the volume charge for water is 128.37 pence per cubic metre, and
  • for wastewater is 81.60 pence per cubic metre.)  
  • – it has ‘add wash’ option – a very comfortable one for people like myself–> I usually put all washing into the machine and realise  as min after that I forgot to add something..no problem anymore yay
  • –  it has ‘bubble soak’ which loosens tough stains for thorough cleaning & ‘eco soak’ which injects air and water into your detergent, soaking into fabrics 40 times faster than detergent alone…

     5.Buying furniture in December is probably not the wisest idea, be patient and wait

  • Many people want their brand new sofas and furniture before Xmas so they can have even nicer family gatherings. We did go for Xmas break back home to Poland, so there was no urgency with furnishing the house. If you don’t need to get anything in December wait till January as the prices go down, for example our sofa set went down from £1,868 to £1,398 so it is cheaper by 25% now.
  • Hampton SOFAS
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    BONUS TIP : If you are buying loads of expensive appliances & furnitures for cash you may get Amex Platinum Credit card as with it you will get a cashback if you sign up via TopCashback but also 5% cashback for every item bought using the card. For us however the best was to buy the above mentioned items using 30 months no interest rate credit card from Santander as that way we can collate more wages since the house purchase and pay for the necessary house items at a later date.

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