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Asda Price Guarantee Explained

Asda Price Guarantee did close on 3rd of October 2018! If you have any ASDA vouchers you’ll be able to redeem them for up to 28 days from receiving them− so there is still plenty of time.

What about is Asda Price Guarantee Receipt Checker?

Asda Price Guarantee receipt checker can be used to get money back if your food shop at ASDA was 10% more expensive than Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose.

ASDA Price Guarantee Explained

You might have noticed that many supermarkets have price promise or price guarantee. Asda have the Asda Price Guarantee (APG) –  a generous one you can track and benefit from directly. It allows you getting free ASDA vouchers.

What is Asda Price Guarantee?

If your Asda shopping was not 10% cheaper than Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, or Waitrose then they’ll give you the difference in a form of a voucher that you need to print off to use during your next grocery shopping.

How to get an Asda Price Guarantee voucher?

1.  Shop at ASDA 🙂

Shop either offline in ASDA or online, ensure you get at least 8 different items out of which at least 1 is comparable* (this item will be used to compare its prices at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons or Waitrose).

*Comparable items are items possible to compare to an equivalent item sold by ASDA competitor(s). 70% of items sold by ASDA are comparable with only 10% of their products being unique to the store and hence not included in the ASDA price checker → for example if you buy ASDA yogurt which is 150 ml but TESCO only sells 500ml cups of the same yogurt then you won’t be able to compare these two as it won’t be fair.

2. Keep the receipt for the price match

Keep the receipt so you can use the details from it when on ASDA Price Guarantee page. You can do the check as early as 3 hours after the in store shopping and a day if you did online shopping- in both cases no later than 28 days of purchase.

Create an account if you haven’t so far & enter the TC number from your receipt following your in store shopping. The barcode number will be between 16 and 22 characters long. Online shoppers will have their latest three shops checked automatically.

3. Allow ASDA calculate the price differences

The APG site will scan the prices of the items charged by other supermarkets then it will do a quick calculation and show you a comparison table. If the shopping turns out cheaper elsewhere ASDA will refund you the difference.

4. Get your voucher

Should your ASDA shopping be more expensive than at the competitors you will get a voucher emailed, so that you can print it out and use at ASDA within 28 days. Remember to take the original receipt when shopping as the voucher won’t be valid without it. For online shoppers an e-voucher will appear in your ASDA account and you will be free to use it during your next shop.

Any catches?

It is a good idea to read T&Cs to know more about any offer and its restrictions.. Here the most important are:

  • No yellow stickers items
  • No more than 10 claims or £100 worth of voucher claims per month
  • Max 10 items per comparison
  • You can use multiple vouchers during your next shop – just bring your original receipts*
  • The vouchers are valid 28 days since issuing


  1. Spend nothing and still get something when wombling (keep discarded receipts to claim the vouchers
  2. Maximise money refund from APG when splitting your shop in to the higher priced items and lower priced items, so that you get two receipts, which will give you two chances to get a voucher for future shops.
  3. Keep the ASDA receipts also to use them alongside some shopping products as specified on grocery saving app such as Shopmium to maximise further in savings 🙂
  4. Plan your shop ahead of shopping –> Check MySupermarket various supermarket prices as ASDA uses its data to generate APG’s based on whether it’s cheaper or more expensive than the other big supermarket chains. ASDA coffe APG
  5. Take advantage of discounted multi-buy offers- e.g if the rival supermarket to ASDA offers you for example 3 Berroca tubes in a price of 2 you will pay at Tesco £9.2 which means that one tube will cost you £9.2/3=£3.06 whereas as you can see from the below image at ASDA one tube costs you £4.6. As ASDA is going to match an individual item price this means you will generate easily APG voucher.Berroca multi-bye APG

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