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FlyInLove to Tenerife

Ok, so Valentine’s day is now gone but it does not mean you cant still surprise your crush with a great romantic present…. I have come across an interesting competition organised by FlyThomasCook. So what exactly do they do?

#FlyInLove Competition

All you need to do is let all the world know who is your online crush, explain why you would like to take your crush away on a romantic break for two and hope you win the prize…simple as that…so come on write up a quick story why this person gained your attraction and why do you want to take her/him away on this romantic break…

Be creative, be cool and write up a convincing post right now because the deadline is coming soon (20.02.2013)!

Having bought cheap flights to Tenerife I flew there last year in February…I must say that was an amazing experience…to get some spring weather and sun at the end of winter time really recharge your batteries…20 degrees and sun..ok, ok it might have been bought with Meastro but the experience is still truly priceless!

The island has got loads to offer in terms of its landscape variety…you can be also surprised how the climate can change when you leave south and head up north…

Most tourists choose the South because of the beautiful beaches and a slightly warmer climate.

But in my opinion, North has got much more to offer, however, if you have the time it’s best if you visit the whole island. I went there only for 5 days and because it was still relatively ‘cold’ I was more interested in visiting beautiful sides than simply relaxing on the beach.

Having found cheap flights I then found a cheap car to rent with Auto Europe ( a fantastic Seat Ibiza) and drove off the Tenerife South airport being happy that so far my holiday organised by myself is much much cheaper than it would have been if I went to a travel agent…and the freedom I had was priceless to…

I headed off to my hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, it was a modest 3-star Chimisay Hotel – today called 4Dreams booked on surprise surprise NOT bookings.com ( I used to use this website thinking they have the cheapest accommodation to book online – wrong assumption though) but on hotels4u.

Generally speaking, if you want to find the best deal on hotel booking find the location and hotel you want to go and compare that hotel prices elsewhere that is how I ended up with seeing that hotels4u (sadly they do not operate in its own anymore as they were bought by Thomas Cook…) offers better deals on my chosen hotel than bookings.com….

After doing sightseeing of Puerto de la Cruz.

We went to Icod de los Vinos in northwest Tenerife to see the dragon three,  the natural symbol of the island.

Later we drove to Masca, an amazing small mountain village where we enjoyed an awesome view – mountains and ocean..we also tried awesome tapas served at Restaurante Bar la Piedra.

We hadn’t made it to the island’s volcano – Teide, the highest point in Spain (3,718 m). When you decide to go there bear in mind that up there is rather cold and the temperature drops the higher up you drive hence it is rather a good idea to take another layer of warm clothes, so you can enjoy the views rather than think how to stop shivering 🙂

We also visited the capital of the island Santa Cruz.

However nice the city it was it didn’t make such a  great impression on me as all the previously visited cities.. and I am glad we stayed in Puerto because that city seems to be more magical than the capital of the island – well at least to me :-).

All in all, Tenerife is a beautiful island and I am sure I will come back there one day to explore it further:-)

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