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Free Amazon gift card codes UK – Simple guide

Free Amazon gift card codes UK – guide

Did you know that it is possible to get FREE Amazon gift card codes? Check out the below to understand how to secure your next free Amazon gift card. They may come in handy during this year’s Black Friday which is on 27/11/20.

How to get free Amazon gift cards

✅ What is an Amazon free gift card?

They are gift cards you can buy or get for free for birthdays, saying thanks, rewards, etc. You can send Amazon gift cards in beautiful greeting cards or gift boxes. Amazon gift vouchers can be e-mail’ ed or printed.

Can you get a free Amazon gift card?

Yes. There is plenty of instant and long ways to earn Amazon gift vouchers. Some require some effort (survey sites, task sites) others can be done ‘by the way’ (cashback sites, purchase bonuses). More info re all below.

✅ How can I get a free Amazon gift card UK?

You can get a free Amazon gift card code on Amazon.co.uk straight from the retailer you buy from. Companies know how great reviews are helping sales and if they are newly established and have little or no reviews they may offer you some code in return for a review. But if you aren’t lucky to get across such a new retailer try one of the below-mentioned ways:

✅  How can I get free Amazon gift card codes?

There is a long list of sites that will pay you for free Amazon gift cards. Occasionally some sites offer free Amazon gift cards for signing up for services/buying from them (American Express, Direct Line, Simply Business, Amazon MasterCard, etc.).

There are also sites requiring you to do a small task be it a survey, web surfing, or anything else, and of course cashback sites that allow you to withdraw the money earned in the form of a  free Amazon gift card. These usually allow you to get a small bonus on top of your earnings for choosing that payment method.

Go to the sites asking you for doing a small task in return for free Amazon gift card codes, these are mentioned below.

✅  What is the easiest way to get Amazon gift cards?

It depends on your preference but generally speaking survey sites are a quick form of earning money towards Amazon gift cards. Do them when on the go and waiting in any queue :-). If you need a more effortless way to go then exchange cashback earnings for Amazon voucher codes.

✅  What are the best places to get free Amazon gift card codes?

Online survey sites

Earn Amazon free card codes for sharing your opinion, surfing the web or watching videos, or doing small tasks. As of October 2020 the list consist of :

  • Swagbucks – every 700 SwagBucks (their own currency) for small tasks posted on the site will give you a £5 Amazon gift card
  • Get Paid To – get paid anytime you are going online, a site very similar to Swagbucks 
  • Toluna – survey site
  • Opinion Outpost– survey site for money into the account or free Amazon gift cards
  • Insta GC watch videos, surf web & answer surveys for instantAmazon gift cards codes
  • Feature Points for both surveys and cashback
  • Prize Rebel – paid surveys for money or Amazon gift card codes
  • LifePoints Panel
  • Inbox pounds – surveys up to £5 per one!
  • Qmee instant cash or Amazon free card codes for surveys
  • Maru Voice – complete tasks to get free Amazon codes, PayPal, or iTunes vouchers.
  • MobileXpression– get a £5 free Amazon gift card per week for allowing them to monitor your mobile Internet usage. No personal data is sold as per GDPR.
  • Surveyeah – 1-15 mins lasting long surveys wort between £0.25-£4 cash or gift vouchers as a payment method.

✅  How get free amazon gift cards no surveys?

Cashback sites

  • TopCashback – the best cashback paying site in the UK – you can choose to be paid in cash or via a gift card e.g. from Amazon
  • Quidco – they occasionally have higher cashback rates than TopCahsback

✅  Other sites you can get Amazon gift vouchers more ‘instantly’:

  • Mechanical Trunk (MTrunk) – It’s a Human Intelligence through an API. The businesses get an on-demand global force and you get paid for completing simple tasks, usually data entry jobs. You only get your rewards if your work gets accepted so bear that in mind and check every task and its requirements thoroughly to avoid any disappointments. Test it on small tasks to see if it’s for you.
  • Storewards- take a photo of recipes to get a reward
  • Amazon.co.uk – they often run promotions where they give you free Amazon gift vouchers in credit when you are topping up your own gift card. It’s usually £ on top of your top-up. You can set up Google Trends for ‘amazon gift card promo’…
  • Yourspotproperty.com- report any free property you saw to get a £20 free Amazon gift card. They look for empty properties to buy (if they end up buying the property you report to them you will get 1% of the purchase price). Check their site for the requirements checklist.
  • American Express – their Rewards points are a way to say ‘thank you’ every time you spend on your Card. 1 point for every £1 spend.
  • Shop& Scan or Nielsen Reward program – if you don’t mind scanning your grocery weekly. It’s an easy way but rather slow considering that you get 1600 points for a scan using Shop& Scan and they give you £10 Amazon gift card for10,000 points→ then it takes you 7 sho visits to get a tenner!
  • Latest Free Stuff- post deals and collect points to get paid in a free Amazon gift card.
free Amazon voucher
free Amazon voucher

✅  Can you transfer a non – UK Amazon gift card to the UK Amazon site?

No, you can’t, so ensure the method you are going for getting your free Amazon gift card is relevant to your amazon location so in the UK all the sites should be based in the UK.

✅  Do Amazon gift cards work internationally? 

Amazon gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased in.

✅  Can you turn Amazon gift cards into cash?

Yes, you can. In the UK there is a site called Cardyard – it’s UK’s top gift card exchange. Just be aware that it’s a marketplace so in order to be competitive they won’t give you a full face-value voucher price for your voucher. You may try to sell your cards on gumtree or eBay or on the Facebook marketplace.

✅  Is the free Amazon gift card legit?

There are various scams where people are asked to make payments via email, phone, or text for items or services such as vehicles, taxes, debt collection, and utility bills.

Fraudsters may request gift cards from well-known brands for payment. You need to be aware of scams that may request payment using Amazon Gift Cards. 

It’s important to remember that Amazon Gift Cards can ONLY be used for purchases online at Amazon.co.uk or from authorized retailers.

✅  What are from authorised Amazon gift card retailers?

  • ASDA
  • BP
  • Card Factory
  • Clinton Cards
  • Co-op
  • Grainger Games
  • Martin McColls (MRG)
  • Morissons
  • Nisa
  • Shell
  • Spar
  • Superdrug
  • Tesco
  • Wilkinsons

✅  What are common scams involving gift cards?

  • COVID-19 Scams
  • Vehicle purchase scams
  • Making payments to strangers scams
  • Utility billing scams
  • Bill payment scams
  • Tax refunds / Tax penalty scams
  • Free Amazon.co.uk Voucher / Coupon’ Scam

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