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How I made £500 on Topcashback – how do cashback sites work?

I discovered Topcashback at the beginning of January 2015. 

However, the biggest return on my online shopping spent was when using Top Cashback in 2017. That was due to a few expensive online purchases including booking honeymoon or buying appliances for our new home.

How do cashback sites work?

Signing up for the Topcashback site was easy. Once signed up, you look for the retailer(s) you plan to shop at and are being referred to their sites for purchase. Simple as that.

If you don’t use ad blockers Top Cashback will track your purchase (via cookies) and you will get a fraction of your spend via cashback.

I still can’t believe when my friends oppose saying it takes time, what?

It is all done automatically for you – you just need to add a few more seconds for :

  1. Visiting the Top Cashback site
  2. Finding your retailer
  3. Being referred to the retailer site from Top Cashback for the cookies/purchase to be tracked

It really is the easiest way to get money on all your regular online purchases! Ok, you may think it’s too good to be true but once you learn how cashback sites work there is nothing to be afraid of as they are safe and they make us money! 

So if you wonder why would any company give away money for nothing? Well, they get leads and oftentimes loyalty so it’s well worth paying the cashback sites for being there as well as paying the users for trying their services via cashback sites. Furthermore, you pay for your membership – it’s £5 per year – if you go for the plus + account type.

It takes some time to remember to go to the cashback site before buying something, however, you can rely on a Top Cashback notifier extension added to your browser if you use Chrome like me.

When on Topcashback site it is easy to see all your tracked cashback when you go to your account and see the dashboard. It is good to keep an eye on that occasionally in case some cashback doesn’t get tracked (you can request adding it) or your payment gets declined (you can dispute it should there be no T&Cs breaches).

Once you earn nice money you can either transfer it to your bank account – (this payment is tax-free!) or you can get some vouchers. The vouchers offer usually a few % of bonus on top of the money available to transfer for them.

Interested in my earnings by year?

  • 2015 – £14.77
  • 2016 – £57.66
  • 2017 – £346.30
  • 2018 – £85.35
  • 2019 – £20.83 – I wasn’t much in the UK nor was buying loads in that year…
  • TOTAL – £ 524.91 + £0.50 from 2020 = £525.41

My best earning Top Cashback purchases:

  • Expedia – we booked a honeymoon accommodation in 3 different places in Asia and gained £201.27 back!
  • I also saved £18.90 when booking a weekend away in the UK of course via Expedia…so in total Expedia saved us £220.17 🙂
  • uSwitch energy price comparison and switch earned us £15 and potentially cheaper energy supplier 🙂
  • Some betting sites when I was multiplying on earning at the time of starting matched betting → if you don’t sign up via matched betting site but via TCB referral you will get more money that way:-)

How to maximise on using the best top cashback sites?

  1. Check which site offers the best return on spent – I check Quidco, TopCashback and MyMoneyPocket – as rarely do the 2 other pages have better deals than TCB.
  2. As you see most of my savings are from travel-related and then utility purchases. To maximize on my return on spent I always check which retailer offers the biggest cashback – usually, it is Expedia but sometimes not so that is how I decide which website to use to book my travels. As often their services are offered at the same price so getting more % via cashback may mean the offer works cheaper for us.
  3. You can get additional money for trying some of the services promoted on TCB. The below will collectively earn you an additional £21.
  • Experian – £4 – Experian is currently offering £4.00. for any new customers using their free credit matcher. 
  • 20Cogs – £1.20- Now do a search for 20Cogs. Complete registration here and you will earn £1.20
  • Tasters Keepers – £1.01 – sign up and get free money
  • Nielsen – £10 – you need to complete registration and download the software to your computer & use it for 7 days.
  • Opinion Outpost – £1.55 – Users must complete a double opt-in and at least one survey.
  • Survey spotter £0.81 for the first completed survey
  • Life Points – £2.43 – Users must complete a double opt-in and at least one survey.

Check some more free cashback offers here: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/category/free-cashback/

How I made £500 on Topcashback
How I made £500 on Topcashback

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