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Get More for Less with my latest Money Saving Tips

1. Going abroad anytime soon? In need for Euros?
Asda Money is offering a three day Travel Money Rate Sale so customers can pick up a great deal on their holiday money.

The currency rate sale started today,  6th December at 8am and ends on Friday 9th of December at 8am, both online* and in-store**.

During this time Asda Money is offering fantastic rates on all currencies, including the following ones:

  • Euro
  • US Dollar
  • Turkish Lira
  • Croatian Kuna
  • Mexican Peso
Based on today’s rates (6th December),  in an Asda Travel Money rate sale, customers exchanging £500 online would be 2.95 EURO worse off exchanging with the Post Office AND 10.85 EURO worse off exchanging with M&S*.
Asda Asda Rate Sale Tesco Sainsbury’s M&S* Post Office
(rate sale)
Amount changed £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500
Customer Rate 1.1578 1.1614 1.1608 1.1586 1.1397 1.1555
Euros Received € 578.90 € 580.70 € 580.40 € 579.30 € 569.85 € 577.75
Variance to Normal Asda € 1.50 € 0.40 -€ 9.05 -€ 1.15
Variance to Asda Rate Sale -€ 0.30 -€ 1.40 -€ 10.85 -€ 2.95
* Non cardholder rate

* Home delivery is free on orders over £500 (for orders from £50 to £499.99 Asda will deliver for just £3.95)2.  Customers who already have an Asda Money Currency Card, they can take advantage of the great rate sales when they reload their card by phone on 0800 260 0355.

**Customers can pick up their currency from a local Asda Travel Money bureau for free, 7 days a week.


2. Looking for a real Christmas tree for £5? 

Why not to visit your local IKEA and pay £25 for a nice (5’7  – ca. 170 cm )Xmas tree to get £20 voucher to use between 12th of January – 16th of February in participating IKEA store. Hurry up as this offer lasts until 23nd of December but in previous years the tree were gone well before 23rd…

If you have IKEA Family card you can benefit from further discounts e.g. 10% off on sale items or free cup of tea or coffee while shopping 🙂

*shops which do not take part in this promotion are: Cardiff and pick up points in Stratford and Birmingham.

Christmas Money Saving Tips

3. Getting more of No7 for less?

Get £38 worth of cosmetics from No7 for only £12. How?

Buy 2 selected items form No7 line (two cheapest cosmetics cost £12 together ) to get a FREE ‘Bubble of Beauty’ – a small set which includes a msacara, eyeliner, serum and lip crayon all worth as much as:

‘Dramatic Lift’ mascara, 4.5ml – worth £8.68 based on full-sized 7ml version.

‘Stay Perfect’ liquid eyeliner in black, 1.7ml – RRP £8.50.

‘Protect & Perfect’ serum, 5ml – worth £3.10 based on full-sized 50ml version.

Matte lip crayon in ‘Raspberry’, 1.3g – worth £6.12 based on full-sized 2.5g version.

This may be a super nice Christmas present for yourself or someone close 🙂

I also noticed that some sets have really good prices e.g. http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Lift-Luminate-Collection_1900209/ – right it is £55 but as I need to travel abroad for Xmas I will have to remove its package and prepare a new one once I am back in my country. I believe this will allow me to separate these cosmetics and create not much more expensive  presents sets with more cosmetics for cheaper price ( I was originally willing to buy some creams separately but it does make more sense to buy this set and separate the cosmetics 🙂

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