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Can celebrity make – up be bought in a drugstore?

I am not that ‘girly’ girl during the week as I ride to work on my motorcycle and as I am barely awake until I get on my Yamaha, so I do not tend to put much make-up on my face…crazy I know… Things change quite a lot when I don’t ride (usually at the weekends) or when I go out 🙂

I have a few favourite cosmetics and as you can expect they are quiet budget ones too.

I am lucky to get many free samples of cosmetics, fragrance, food and other amazing products as I use services which allow me to request any novelty/or regular products for free. Check sites such as Magic Freebies UK  & sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of the latest freebies.

Back on the make up subject recently I have been happy to discover that some of the cosmetics brands I am using are those some popular celebrities are using too.

My top 5 favourite make-up goodies and an awesome fragrance sample are:

Celebrity make -up on a budget 1  

Celebrity make -up on a budget 2

  1. My number one foundation is Rimmel Fresh Skin, which is easy to apply, contains a nice SPF 15 that protects my skin on a sunny day and more importantly is a budget foundation too. On some big events like for example on my big day I preferred to wear Estee Lauder Double Wear though as it covers all sorts of imperfections like no other foundation but its bit more expensive hence I use it on a grand occasions 🙂 (currently the cheapest is at lookfantastic.com and comes at £24 if you use PREM20 code for 20% off its RRP).
  2. Last Friday I discovered yet another great deal from Boots – they offer now 3 for 2 on their cosmetics and some eyebrow kit in a make up bag as a free gift while stock lasts. So I bought some Kate Sculpting Highlighter palette, and 2 other items I needed. The palette which is truly amazing. It is easy to apply and stays on for a long time too. My face is nicely contoured after application, so I love this small box.
  3. I adore Miss Sporty as their pencil eyeliner and light pink eye shadow are offering me an easy to apply day eye make-up.
  4. I finish my eye make-up with a quality mascara, I like the one from Chanel (see the sample on the picture) or I use Rimmel Extra Super Lash (this one is definitely the cheapest on Amazon, last time I paid for it £2.44)

5.I finish off my make up with a touch of a delicate lipstick, it looks like I use the very same brand and shade as Kim Kardashian does. It is a fabulous MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Lipstick – Blushing Beige 915.  I may not be a fan of Kim but I must admit she does use quite nice cosmetics and all of them can be found in drugstores and therefore do not have to cost a fortune yet will be of a very good quality, see below:

Celebrity Make-up on a budget

You can easily replicate her make up with these:

  • True Match Foundation (L’Oreal)
  • True Match Foundation (NYX)
  • Stay Matte Powder (RIMMEL)
  • Bronzer XL (Milani)
  • Baked Blush (Milani)
  • Shimmer Strips (Physicians Formula)
  • Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush (L’Oreal)
  • And my fav lipstick MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Lipstick – Blushing Beige 915

And which of the celebrity make-ups is your favourite one? Can you easily replicate it and look as great as those ladies for a little drugstore spent on the equivalent of the cosmetics they use?

I really think celebrity like look is definitely feasible on a drugstore budget.

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