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How to make money online by blogging?

How to make money online by blogging?

There are many ways of making extra money while working from home. One of the most common ways to make money online is when blogging.

Blogging is writing and posting the articles online, typically on a designated web page. Bloggers might write about a whole range of topics but probably the best idea is to write up about one’s passion or hobby as that content will come naturally.

However, modern blogging is more than just writing on the topics of interest. There are millions of blogs out there and chances are that the bloggers who are now thinking about embarking on their blogging career may not earn the readership they desire – simply because of the number of blogs that exist today. Therefore optimising the blog is super important. Relevant keywords, speedy server and page load plus backlinks are a few elements alongside finding the content gaps to close and attract the right audience.

How to start a blog?

That is why when starting a blogging journey it’s crucial to choose a reliable hosting company and CMS which allows for beautiful website creation.

I actually created another blog at the beginning of May and went for Hostinger –> using a trick when opting for hostinger.pl to pay in PLN which made my 4-year server price worth 146.88 zl which is £28.74 which is 0.59p per month :-). The server was rather easy to integrate with WordPress and my new template, so in a space of a few days I had a new blog up and running 🙂 I also get my domains from Crazy Domains

Blogging and marketing

Blogging is simply far more than sharing one’s thoughts and tips. It is about connecting, creating links with the right people who will appreciate the content and become regular readers. This is the first step for gaining attention with a blog. The second step is just as challenging – applying the right marketing strategies to make the public know about the blog. The more people know about it and read it, the easier it will then transform the blog into a money-earning tool.   

One of the cheapest yet powerful ways to embark on marketing a blog is to use social networks. For bloggers, using only Facebook is far from enough. They set up Instagram and publish their mini-stories using photos. They tweet about the new posts on their blog. They use Snapchat to share short videos and they might even use other networks, such as Linkedin, Reddit or Pinterest. 

How to get best keywords for SEO

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there. My favourite ones are aHrefs and SEMrush. I also use ‘People also ask’ alongside Answer the Public or https://alsoasked.com/

5 ways you can make money while blogging in 2021

There are many different ways of how to blog in a way that will earn you money. Here are the five most common ways to do so: posting an ad on your blog, posting PR articles for remuneration, joining an affiliate program, individual cooperation with enterprises and finally, making and advertising your hand-made products through a blog. 

1. Post an ad on your blog – Pay Per Click

The easiest way to get your blog to earn money is to engage in advertising. If done well, it can be an interesting semi-passive form of income. Of course, it’s not perpetuum-mobile and in no way should you think that your blog will remain a source of passive income for years to come. 

Many bloggers use Adsense advertising. The disadvantage of Adsense is that you have to become a VAT identifier, which means value-added tax will have to be paid on these earning. Besides, you will receive regular quarterly or monthly paperwork. 

If you are more of a vlogger than a blogger, then YouTube allows you to display Adsense ads directly in your videos. Regardless of your mother tongue, it would always be a good idea to target an English-speaking audience rather than the audience speaking another language.

How do advertising systems work? You earn money for every click the visitors make on your blog.  This depends on several factors (such as the topic of advertising, competition), but at the beginning you expect to earn in a range of $ 0.3 – $ 5 per click. 

2. PR article publication with remuneration

Once your blog has a certain amount of traffic and you become, ideally, an opinion leader in a particular area, then you can consider publishing PR articles. Learn more about writing a good PR article. 

What you can do is to create a special sub-page on your blog on which you offer collaboration. The potential buyers of your articles will then have the information about your services readily available when they look at your webpage. 

Sometimes bloggers use specialized platforms to connect with potential advertisers. Such platforms then function as a marketplace where advertisers can purchase a PR article. The price for such an article depends on the target audience, length and character of the article. 

3. Affiliate programs

If your blog has a community of readers that you have inspired, an affiliate program is one of the best channels to earn money with your blog. Affiliate cooperation program is a way of working where you as a blogger recommend certain third-party products or services. If the reader buys them, you get an agreed commission (usually 5% – 20%).

For example, I can recommend an amazing service offering free images and graphic designs. It is called Freeepik – once you check you will see that for recommending you this service – which I use myself- I will be given a small contribution once you get to convert via my link 🙂 Oftentimes it’s a win-win situation.

Here you do not make money from the number of clicks on the link, but from the sale (there are exceptions, for example, payment for lead/contact or completed form).  Affiliate cooperation exists for almost every possible product today, so no matter what kind of topic you primarily blog about, you will always be able to pair the affiliate program.

4. Brand and products promotion

Influential bloggers can arrange for individual cooperation, whether with media agencies or directly with e-shops or brick-and-mortar stores. A relatively widespread trend is to send a free package of products, where the blogger then reviews the products through articles or videos on his blog. This is a good way to start a blogging career, but it might not be a sustainable one as the blogger cannot live only on free products. 

5. Sale of your products and services

Lastly, your blog can sell your products and services, and the actual blogging about it can be a perfect way how to let the world know about the great stuff you create! There is a wide range of products that can be made and sold, whether it is hand-made jewelry, e-books on various topics or home-made culinary products. In this way, the blog can serve for building a relationship with the potential customers at whom the products are targeted. 

Making money on blogging can be a great way how to overcome a sudden loss of a job, how to add some income if you are on a tight budget or simply how to reward yourself for work you enjoy doing in your free time. 

how to earn money when blogging
how to earn money when blogging

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