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What do people buy to make coronavirus lockdown easier?

As COVID-19 develops, peoples behaviour continues to change. We are shopping online for things we never did before or in amounts making the shopping more cost-efficient long term. As per many retail reports in the past 30 days, the below industries have seen a rise in interest in their goods.

Which sectors are growing during coronavirus lockdown?

Here are the top 10 fastest growing verticals in the last 30 days as per the data gathered by Skimmlinks:

  1. Skincare +138% – I take everyone is concerned about their skin getting dry indoors or about getting a good SPF when out in the park. I am lucky to work from home so I use only Garnier micellar water which is now for £3 at Tesco. I use reusable pads as I strive to be more eco- friendly. I then apply a cream with SPF (Kiehl’s 50 SPF for example)and that’s my whole lockdown make up!
  2. Children Shoes +171%- I wonder if its anything to do with Joe’s Wicks exercise sessions 😉
  3. eBooks +171%- who doesn’t like a good eBook?I am reading Key to happiness right now. What are you reading?
  4. Entertainment +140%- no wonder that this segment has been growing. Looks like now anyone is into online gaming, board games or any streaming services offering nice movies to watch. Check out my post on what to watch during the lockdown.
  5. Computers +134% – working from home requires more PCs or laptops..I actually got the 2nd screen as I can’t just work off a small laptop and moved onto my PC & two screens 🙂
  6. Drugstore & Pharmacy +127% – as people want to stockpile on the meds they have been taking.
  7. Software +122% – working from home or entertaining kids requires additional soft so it’s quite normal that software sells better.
  8. Cosmetics +114%- since many high street shops are closed we moved to buy some of the cosmetics online. I take people who are lucky enough to have their grocery delivered home tend not to use their shopping allowance for cosmetics which can be bought at Boots or Superdrug. I decided to make my own soap and will do essential oil fused deodorant. I have always wanted to do both as these will be more natural and eco friendly.
  9. Flowers +112% – I take a simple token of appreciation that is now sought after more than ever. Who does not like to receive flowers?
  10. Food & Drink +110% – this is an obvious one and I especially love RealFoodSource. I am usually getting gluten-free oats, a variety of nuts and dried fruits as I am obsessed with porridge for breakfast and baking a flapjack…I also make my own almond or oat milk 🙂 Did you know that my friends from Latest Deals released their grocery comparison app?
  11. Hair Care +102% – It looks like women have now more time to experiment with hair care 🙂 I don’t. I take black cumin seed oil in a supplement and eat a lot of foods rich in vit. E 🙂
  12. Kitchenware Cooking Equipment +101%- I understand this one completely as I myself bought a food processor, so chopping vegetables, making plant-based milk or preparing smoothies is easy and I am so in love with my food processor. I also love my pressure cooker as it allows me to prepare nutritious soups in about 15-20 minutes.
  13. Garden Furniture +101%- as sunny days are more frequent this is an obvious one regardless of covid…
  14. Consumer Electronics/Gadgets +100% – don’t we all want to see if we have made the 10,000 steps in case our phones don’t count that for us? I actually bought the Garmin vivomove HR- I was watching a few trackers prices for quite some time and got my watch at the end of Feb. I am very happy with its simple functions and long-lasting battery (4 days)
  15. Console/Computer Gaming +93%- another obvious one at the time of a lockdown. I see most of my friends who like me ride a motorcycle get Isle of Man TT on PS4..I actually wouldn’t mind trying that one either.
  16. Internet-only Department Stores +87% – high street shops closed caused that shift.
  17. Gifts +82% – a few of my friends and my mum celebrated their birthdays recently, so we did buy their presents online indeed.
  18. DIY Home Improvement +74% – we are actually in the middle of DIY – it has started in Feb so before any lockdown and because of the restrictions caused because of the virus it will probably end just in time for Christmas…But on the bright side my partner is now doing a lot himself so we probably will save money on labour…We deferred our DIY plans of downstairs to the next year or later so the virus did get in a way of renovating our home..
  19. Marketing/Advertising Services +71% – as watching TV and streaming services has increased and potentially reading of online papers too now its the time for a timely advertisement 😉
  20. Fitness Products and Services +64% – I actually got my freeletics coach access on the Women’s Day as it was heavily discounted :-). I am trying to exercise at least 3 x per week. I am loving it!

What does help you get through the lockdown ?

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