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How to Save Money on Water Bills ?

Water and sewage bills rose from April 2016 by an average of 0.5% in England and Wales and 1.6% in Scotland. Households in Northern Ireland are unaffected since the government covers the cost of water charges.

Save Money on Water Bills
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As already written in my previous article on this subject you can’t switch water and sewage provider but must pay to the one which serves in your local area. You can however try to control water usage better and therefore pay less for the water bill.

How to be water efficient and avoid wastage to keep water bill down:

1. Get a water meter if there are more bedrooms in your house than people. Visit Consumer Council for Water to read about it.

2. Fix dripping taps.

3. Close the tap while brushing your teeth, you don’t need that water running!

4. Buy a mini hourglass (shower timer) and try to take short showers.

5. Collect cold water you normally waste before jumping in the shower and use it to flush the toilet 🙂

6. Wash your dishes in a washing bowl and rinse under running water as opposed to washing then under running water.

7. Install water saving devices such as eco water saving shower heads, water tap aerators and many other water saving items. You will find them, some of which for FREE here, e.g. water saving kit 🙂

8. Collect rainwater for use in the garden.

9. When buying a new washing machine or a dishwasher ensure you spend a bit more on it if necessary to choose the most water efficient machine as it will save m you money in the long term.

10. Save water not only in your household but whenever you go! Its important to reduce water waste and become responsible for ‘saving the planet’ 🙂 so close the running taps and inform relevant people about any negligence leading to water waste (water tap leak etc.)!

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