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40 Simple Money Saving Tips

  1. Subscribe to latest free stuff for free samples – it works – I tested it 🙂
  2. Become a member of insiders – a network of influential consumers, where you will be able to receive the latest products to test and share your opinion with your friends and online.
  3. Use youview (a smart TV se40 Simple Money Savin Tipst-top box platform in the UK, developed by a partnership of three telecommunications operators and four broadcasters) as opposed to TV or quit the TV licence and watch the programs recorded rather than streamlined live.
  4. Buy in bulk – you may not need it all now buy it will prove cheaper in the long run
  5. Use voucher sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, Wahanda etc.
  6. Before buying anything Google it to check if it can be bought cheaper online – if so Google if u can get a cashback on the purchase shop
  7. Whatever you buy Google ‘discounts’ /’vouchers ‘ prior to the purchase.
  8. Complete surveys and get paid for that (YouGov, Toluna, Google rewards etc.)
  9. Going abroad and need a guide – borrow it at your local library or download an app you can use offline
  10. Save 70% on your food shopping when visiting pages which offer cheaper food close to its expiration date, e.g. Approvedfood
  11. Buy things you wouldn’t think of buying online e.g. toilet paper
  12. Visit charity shops for quirky and cheap clothes and other items.
  13. Grow your own herbs and vegetables.
  14. Open or switch bank accounts to receive the welcome opening /transfer payment 🙂
  15. Get as many loyalty cards as possible and consider getting products that can give you greater benefits than their cost, e.g pruhealth offers you not only a health insurance but also a free Starbucks coffee and free Cineworld and Vue cinema tickets – savings of £40-£60 for a monthly £20
  16. Sell your unwanted clothes and other possessions using sites such as Gumtree, Polyvore, or car-boot sites if you can’t get to car-boot in your area.
  17. Save on greeting cards/various decorations when preparing them yourself. Shops such as Lidl often sell craft accessories very cheaply.
  18. Get a free phone data from FreedomPop although this will be suitable for low data users or as a second phone since the calls and messages require Internet connection to be made.
  19. When in restaurants always order a tap water to avoid spending money on overpriced drinks.
  20. Before buying petrol check the latest prices in your area using this petrol prices comparison site.
  21. Swap your local supermarket for Lidl or Aldi or better go online on mysupermarket.com to compare and save 30% on every shop.
  22. If you have to shop in your supermarket do it towards the end of the day when you can get many discounted items.
  23. Buy clothes when you ‘ don’t have to’ postpone clothes buying to the time when the shops are doing sales if you can
  24. Use apps saving you money
  25. Reading physical magazines try services such as iSubscribe to get them for less.
  26. Tired of traffic jams or crowded public transport not to mention the transportation cost? Get a motorcycle or at least an electric bicycle!
  27. Unrightfully treated? Complain, complain and complain, e.g. under the European Union law you have up to 6 years to claim the refund for cancelled or a delayed flight. Check your airline site for details to know if you are eligible. Do not use the ‘no win no fee companies’ as in most cases the complaint template is available online. Download it and change reflecting your circumstances.
  28. Unhappy about your overpriced dentist? Fly abroad to get the same service for less. I use those guys – they speak English and are simply brilliant not to mention cost much less than my UK dentist.
  29. Save on the gym and do cross fit with an app such as freeletics.
  30. Travelling by train? Check the train fare cost between the stations. I once paid less taking 2 trains from. Birmingham to Oxford when changing for the other service provider at Banbury rather than going to Oxford without changes using the first train.
  31. Share your ride with other drivers when using sites such as blablacar, carshare.liftshare.com or gocarshare.com
  32. Get cheap yet quality mobile phone when buying a model available for other markets yet as good as those not popular here. Ensure you can root it to change the settings and language to be able to use it though, e.g. Lenovo s856 on eBay.
  33. Doing DYI at your home and don’t have money for new furniture? Why not to paint your old furnitures to transform them into new pieces? There are quality paints in the market like Annie Sloane for chalk painting to create a lovely chalk paint style.
  34. Get your cosmetics online or abroad to save a significant amount of money. I use fragrance direct and allbeauty and buy my mascara when in Poland. After all L’Oreal here and in Poland are the same but have a different price tag 🙂
  35. Download the shopping mail app for the discounts and offers.
  36. Read papers like Metro or Evening Standard to look for some paper coupon.
  37. Womble
  38. Getting married? Why not to get your wedding dress abroad? Or here but when looking for wedding dresses outlet or a shop selling the end of the line.
  39. Get PAYG to control your mobile phone spend and always look for ways of optimising it.
  40. Remember whatever you do try to save or get paid to!

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I am not Martin Lewis but Martyna aka Money Saving Girl. When I first came to the UK I was on a super tight budget, so I know how hard it is not to have money or how to get creative to get 'more for less'. I share with you my money saving tips about anything which worked for me. Be it free samples, shopping tricks, iTunes, various discount apps, websites and reward programs. Occasionally I write about traveling or insurance.

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