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How to Save Money on a House Move

It’s been said that the three of the most stressful situations that any adult can find themselves in are losing your job, a death in the family and moving house. It’s quite the claim, but for many moving house can turn into a life-changing event in many ways. There’s the planning involved, the stress, and of course the expense that comes with it all. However, you can plan the move using a comprehensive moving house checklist to avoid overlooking important things when moving places.

You can also save money when not choosing services you need in the very last moment but when booking reliable companies well in advance or when changing the address of living to avoid fines for neglecting the address changes. Here is what and how long in advance you need to plan to have smooth move:

4 Weeks before the move:

Start packing/sorting – at least 4 weeks prior to move to avoid stress in your final days before the move. Look up companies such as Storebox which help out on the planning and expense side of things.

Before you start packing:

Purge and Prepare – get rid of absolutely anything that you don’t actually NEED; mostly the stuff that you think you might need for a rainy day – but inevitably never use. Just because it’s small enough to squeeze into the corner of one of your boxes doesn’t mean you should keep it for the sake of it.

– Be ruthless, but don’t be too hasty – there will always be larger items that you can’t simply throw out, but may not need to use them as soon as you move into your new place. Rather than scrap everything and think ‘oh I’ll just buy another when I’ve moved in, that’ll be easier’, why not put your things into storage? If you’re being slapdash with household items like microwaves and other larger appliances, the cost to re-buy these soon mounts up. Instead of having a full clear out you could always store your items out of the way, in advance, in a self-contained store box.

2.Research the Costs of DIY vs. Professional Services

If you have to call many 08XX or 03XX numbers and you are uncertain if they are free use money saving apps like WeQueue4u.

Ask yourself two things here:

  1. Could you do it for much cheaper yourself?
  2. Is the money saved worth the additional stress?


Yes, you will definitely be able to move out for much cheaper if you do absolutely everything yourself, because at the end of the day, you’re not paying for your own time. You would be paying for the facilities and means to move, not man hours. But what you have to take into consideration is that professionals are generally there on time, more skilled at this (it is their job after all) and they break a lot less of your stuff! You’re paying for expertise on top of facilities here and 9 times out of 10 it’s worth it.

3. Ask for helpyou don’t, and frankly can’t, do this on your own. Your friends and family will be there to help you in any way they can, even if it’s just bringing you a home cooked meal during the moving process, when all your white goods are stored away.

Use the manpower as and when you can get it, you won’t realise how much you’ll appreciate the extra pair of hands until they’re not there – shifting a fridge on your own isn’t fun.

4. Use Comprehensive Moving Checklist to avoid overlooking important address changes/bill transfers etc.

You do not want to be charged for services in a place you do not live anymore. It is your responsibility to:

1- 2 weeks before the move:

  1. Inform all companies you deal with about your new address:
  • Cancel or transfer your utility bills (electricity, gas and water – give all of them at least 48 hours notice). Switch your utilities to the cheapest providers in your area. Sign up for MyUtilityClub to be on top of all deals.
  • Council Tax – notify the relevant authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving, more information at www.voa.gov.uk
  • TV Licence – your TV Licence does not automatically move with you when you move house. Forgetting to notify TV Licensing of your new address would mean you may become unlicensed in your new home, even if you paid for a licence at your old address. That can result in getting fine of up to £1,000.
  • Change your bank address
  • Cancel your broadband contract
  • Cancel your home/building/contents insurance & update ensure you get a new one for your new home. Update your address on other types of insurance
  • Library
  • Charity/Magazine/Newspapers etc. subscriptions

Save time when using www.IamMOVING.com a free service that helps you to change your address details online, stopping services at your old address and starting them again at your new place.

  1. Update your address:
  • Update your driving licence and vehicle registration documents
  • In your kids old and new school as well as at your work
  • Update your address at your pension scheme company
  • Exchange the address for all loyalty cards you have got e.g. Tesco Club Cards, Boots Advantage Card etc. Otherwise you may be getting your bonuses to an old address and you may never be aware that you can save money on being loyal to your regular shops
  • Update your voting address sites like this one will help https://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk
  1. Ensure your removal company or your own car is allowed to park in front of your current living place. 
  1. Cancel your home/building/contents insurance & update ensure you get a new one for your new home. Update your address on other types of insurance.
  1. If you are renting the flat/house ensure you do give enough of notice to your landlord.
  1. Ensure you register with your new GP & dentist in your new area. If you are subscribed for contact lenses ensure new address is on the optician file. If you are a blood donor inform the National Blood Service of you change of details.
  2. Children. If possible arrange for the children to be looked after on removal day. We have put together a few tips and games when you are moving home with children to keep the children happy and out of harms way on move day.
  1. Pets. Check out our pet moving advice page for helpful advice.
  1. Book an interim accommodation should you need one.

3 days before the move:

  1. Pack necessities for first days at your new place: clothes, toilet rolls, light bulbs, candles, matches, cash and anything that you think you might find useful for a couple of days after the house moving day.
  2. Do a last minute laundry in your old home before you disconnect the washer.
  3. Ensure you got the keys to your new home. 
  4. Ensure there is parking space for you/your removal company vans in your old and new place. Temporary parking space should be issued the latest 2 weeks before the move.

2 days before the move:

  1. Fridges/Freezers – empty, defrost and dry out your fridge and freezer.
  2. Kitchen cupboards – de-clutter and pack the content of your kitchen cupboards.
  3. Valuables/documents – should be kept in a safe file/box and ideally covered.
  4. Split Deliveries – if you are moving some part of your belongings to different addresses (e.g. some parts to your new home and other to a storage area) ensure the delivery companies are instructed about that

1 day before the move:

  1. Finish Packing – clearly mark the boxes with the room name you would like them to be brought to.
  2. Dismantle & Disconnect Furniture, take down curtains and any fixtures you are want to take with you. Disconnected the washer/dishwasher and secure their inside during the transit. Defrosted the fridge / freezer.
  3. Prepare some food for the move in day – just in case that your cooker turns out to be disconnected or still in the removal van. Include kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc.
  4. Toiletries box. Make sure you have your most important cosmetics at hand.
  5. Mobile phone. Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged up for tomorrow, you are probably going to need it. If you need additional batter life invest in battery bank such as Anker – charge both!

In the beginning, it may seem like the big move is going to cost you a huge chunk of time and money, however by planning, making small changes and being mindful of your spending, it is possible to move into your dream home on a tight budget.

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