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Raw Turmeric Shots from The Turmeric Co – Review

This post was originally written on 12/12/2017 but updated recently as it feels  its highly relevant now.

More and more people are discovering the unique properties and health benefits of turmeric. And so am I and as you know I ride a motorcycle all year round, so staying healthy especially in the cold weather is really important to me.
Secondly I treat my body as a ‘temple’ – I believe you are what you eat & drink, so looking for healthy nutrition is something I am interested in…
Hence lately I have been focusing on drinking turmeric shots 🙂 and agred to review Turmeric Co for a few bottles for free 🙂 I did not get paid for this post I just got a sample of their product to be able to review their product based on my personal preferences nothing else.
Why I have started drinking the turmeric shots?
Turmeric has an acquired taste but it is full of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins and minerals that can benefit our body and health in many ways, hence I am drinking it daily now 🙂
Why turmeric supplements are important in yoru diet?
Here is why why I love and take the turmeric shots:
1. It improves brain function
2. It is an effective as anti-depressant
3. It can reduce tumor growth
4. It is an effective liver detoxifier & helps with gut problems
5. Turmeric promotes youthful radiant skin.
6. It also helps people suffering from arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s & cancer.
7. It is a good immune booster helping to fight common cold, flu or sore throat. It’s been used also to reduce sinus inflammation and relieve sinus based headaches.
8. It aids longevity!
 Turmeric Shots Review
During my research I found out that for the turmeric to be most effective it has to be bio-available &  be easily absorb-able. Therefore I got interest in The Turmeric Co company as they claim they combine fresh turmeric roots (not powdered ones!!!) with other highly antioxidant ingredients such as fresh pomegranate, fresh watermelon and fresh pineapple together with the extract of piperine (black pepper which increases the absorption of turmeric by 2000%). Sounds good to me, so let’s see how my turmeric therapy goes 🙂
I like this premium product, I see the way it is packed means the producer is concerned about preserving its freshness and delivering it as fresh as possible to theirs customers. When checking the ingredients I see it is not only made from the turmeric roots but also doesn’t contain any  preservatives, is naturally preserved and not HPP as products from other companies. There is no sugar or sweetness in the turmeric shots and they are low calorific.
What I found the best about this particular company is their claim that they produce turmeric shot with 35g of turmetic per shot (60ml)- apparently this is the highest amount of turmeric in a single shot, in the market!
The box was delivered fresh straight to my door in a chilled pack. If you want to try it yourself visit www.theturmeric.co to find out more about the drink and the whole range, which includes:
– Natures Remedy, ingredients:Watermelon, Pineapple, Lemon, Turmeric root (8.5%), Piperine Extract
Fused with Ginger –>my fav 🙂, ingredients: Watermelon, Pineapple , Pomegranate, Lemon, Turmeric root (8.5%), Ginger root (5%), Piperine Extract
–  and Fused with Coconut,  ingredients: Watermelon, Coconut (9%), Turmeric root (8.5%), Lemon, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Piperine Extract
all 3 flavours are vegan (contain no animal or animal by-products), no dairy or gluten, suitable for vegetarian.
Be warned their taste is great but a bit sharp, so bear that in mind especially if you are not tolerating spice easily.
I also like the fact that this is a family business created due to health problems of one of the founders – a footballer Hal Robson-Kanu– a winger of West Bromwich Albion. Turmeric helped him to heal injury and continue the professional football career.
turmeric shot founder Thomas Robson Kanu
I managed to get you a discount code, slashing 25% off your first subscription payment when typing on their site: subup17
Single 60ml bottle – £1.99
25% discount for turmeric co products with code: WELCOME25.
Enjoy and let me know in the comments what do you think about the drink and this company 🙂

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  1. I suffer from clearing my throat a lot and have been trying to ditch various foods like dairy to see if it makes a difference as its inflammation-based, these sound like they are worth a go in terms of reducing inflammation, so I will have a go. I’ve read about black pepper that it helps absorption. Thanks 🙂

  2. Great post – thanks for sharing !