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How to stay fit on a budget

With the summer approaching us quickly its is high time to think about quick and inexpensive ways of losing weight and toning our bodies, so we look fabulous in the bikini 🙂

My (=cheap) ways to do it:
1. Find a gym, training app which suits you the most, you have plenty of them described on Greatist. As you might have noticed my beloved app I am using on a weekly basis (#freeletics) has not been listed there…so I am going to mention it here again (see below) 🙂 Go on Youtube and see some freeletics related videos if you need some more convincing…

2. Be strong –> choose freeletics – a high intensity training anywhere and anytime. Fitness without any equipment at the convenient time. Get your 3 mths plan today for only 40 euros (15 weeks) or try it for free beforehead:https://www.freeletics.com/en

3.Support your work out routine when choosing a low carb diet.
Start your day from bulletproof coffee (a cup of coffee with ghee/butter or an organic coconut oil) the high amount of high saturated fat delivered to you that way will make you feel less hungry till the lunch break. Eat NO cereal/bread but diary e.g a pot of cottage cheese will be enough.

East some 2-3 ingredients salad for lunch and some more salad and meat for dinner.

4. Differentiate your diet when finding some more tips on the freleetics blog – on the part dedicated to the nutrition (you may be even tempted to try their diet plan).

5. Read more about dieting on a budget 🙂

6. Enjoy losing 5-10 kgs – depending on your fitness routine frequency and the regime of your diet in about 10-15 weeks 🙂

I am slim and my goal was not to lose wight but thanks to freeletics and low-carb diet I lost 2kgs in 10, weeks so with a tough regime you can achieve much more 🙂

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