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How to Earn Money Online using Cashback Sites?

get paid toWhy I love the cashback sites and you should love them to..?
I have already touched on writing about cashback sites in the few of my posts. Until I started using them I was not entirely sure how to get the most of them and was skeptical about using them but now having tested a few I am a big fan of them.

Why to use cashback sites?
Obviously to save money 🙂 It is a good idea to get into habit of checking cashback options before getting any item/service online. You can save around 100 GBP a year if you use them wisely.

Which cashback site is the best?
That depends and can vary on the case by case basis. I usually use GetPaidTo, Quicdo and TopCasBack.

I check all of them to see which one works better for me, sometimes I choose the site which offers me less % cashback but allows me to get any additional benefits of using that particular site.e.g GetPaidTo allows me to earn money when reviewing videos, products or completing the surveys etc. on their site. The money earned that way can be used towards any purchase tracked by this site later on :-).

When using cashback sites you should always focus on the cheapest deal not on the cashback :-). This is rather important for huge transactions, where the cost of making a mistake can undersize the cashback received.

How the cashback sites work?
The cashback sites ‘ear money’ from:
1. The ads placed on them
2. When getting the commission from the retailers using them for leads generated to the retailer sites (affiliations)
3. When receiving the money for the membership:
GetPaidTo – NO FEES
Quidco offers ‘Basic’-free and ‘Premium’-£5 membership options
TopCashBack offers ‘Classic’-£5 ‘Plus’-£7.5 membership level – you are signed up as a ‘Plus’ member by default so may sure you downgrade the membership type within the first 30 days of using the site otherwise the higher annual fee will apply.

How to use them
1. Sign up for an account – use the sites which offer that service to you for free 🙂 – so all above mentioned.
2. Log in on the site and search for a retailer you are just about to use to purchase a desired product/service.
3. Check their cashback rates and proceed to the retailer site when clicking on a link which redirects you to the retailer site form the cash back site (that way your transaction will be tracked – but do not worry you can always add it manually should you spot it has not been tracked on a day of your purchase).
4. Buy the item/service on the retailer site as you would normally do.
5. Allow a few weeks for the payment to be processed, to get your cashback (it will appear in your account).
6. Withdraw the money ASAP (some accounts allow you to withdraw the money once you have reached a certain threshold, so you may need to wait for a few cashback transactions to accumulate to get paid).

How to boost your cashback earnings
You can earn on some offline transactions made in a few stores on the high street. Register simply your debit/credit card on the sites such as Quidco or TopCashBack for receiving an additional cashback in some of these shops (see the list of them on the cashback sites) . For some merchants you have to upload your receipt once you’ve purchased in store to get your cashback.

Additionally you can earn money when registering your credit card for a cashback when shopping offline you get a cashback site many banks offer them these days. Since I have 123 Santander Saving account I may be soon applying for their cashback credit card to save on shopping and petrol which each purchase made in the real world 🙂

Finally you can earn a ‘free cash’ when clicking on links on the internet. Cashback websites give you a share of their ad revenue, or you sometimes get paid for generating traffic.

Lastly you can get paid for referring your friends.

I hope all the above convinced you to use the cashback sites seeing how beneficial they can be. If you need some more guidance read these super useful money saving guides.

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