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How to switch your supplier for gas and electricity

Switching gas or electricity supplier takes only a few minutes and all you need to prepare ahead of that check is:

  1. Trusted energy price comparison site
  2. Your postcode – When using an Ofgem accredited energy comparison websites like uSwitch, you’ll be surprised just how easy and quick it is 
  3. Your recent energy or gas bill or annual statement if your current provider shares such one with you
  4. About 10 minutes

How not to pay more for the same energy?

Go to the energy price comparison site and look for a better energy deal in minutes. I usually check a few to see if they have the same deals as often they don’t. I check my bills and deals when using: 

-uSwitch – quick check-in minutes

– Cheap Energy Club – I like this one as it keeps monitoring your data automatically – you just need to refresh your usage if it changes 

How to switch the utility supplier?

Switching suppliers is not difficult and does not require a lot of time nor effort.

• Before you switch your supplier check if you could get a better deal from your current provider, if not browse your options online. There are plenty of companies that can help you with the energy price comparison and switching process.

• Check if you are entitled to any price discounts due to your life situation (pension, health issues, etc.)

• Analyse your last year usage when calculating the spent when looking at your last year bills

• Switching suppliers may take up to 8 weeks and until this period you will receive your energy from your old supplier

• If for some reason you change your mind about switching suppliers you have 14 days (from the day you signed the contract with your new provider) for contract cancellation without any charges for doing so

• If you have any outstanding payments or debts with your current provider you will have to pay them before the switch

• Resigning from a fixed contract may incur additional fees for breaching the contract before it matures.

How to switch energy supplier online

1: Go to Ofgem accredited energy price comparison website

Ofgem ( The government regulator for gas and electricity markets in Great Britain) regulated sites will give you a free, informative and comprehensive view of the energy market that is up to Ofgem’s standards. Check what is their Confidence Code here. As per that I choose uSwitch and My Energy Club from MoneySavingExpert. But there are more to go for should you choose another site:

Energy Helpline 


The Energy Shop 

Money Supermarket 

My Utility Genius


Simply Switch

Switch Gas and Electric


Unravel It 


2: Enter your postcode

Not all suppliers may serve in your area as they are set regionally hence you need to give them your postal code to check who serves around your place.

3: Share your usage information

Get these from your annual statement or from every single gas and electricity bill for the most accurate spent. Alternatively, you can allow the utility comparison site to estimate it.

*I did analyse our last 12 months and to my disbelief, the tariff and provider change inflicted a HUGE raise..I believe auditing all bills at least a year is a necessary activity if we don’t use any bill monitors…

4: Review your comparison results and choose a new plan

This is the most daunting part…To avoid headache refine your results in the most logical way :

  • I always check dual plans 
  • I choose monthly direct debit 
  • I opt for: Include plans that require switching directly through the supplier but you can opt-out to narrow down your list
  • I check fixed and variable tariffs but you can view only fixed-rate energy plans (where your rate is locked in for a certain time).

Having checked my choices from uSwitch I google their top 3 picks and check those recommended companies’ reviews. 

My Energy Club includes company ratings in their picks so that saves us time for checking their reputation..Before we get our comparison results they ask us how to tailor them as per service quality:

5: Analyse top tariffs

Analyse top 6 tariffs versus what you are on and versus the cheapest tariffs your current company offers to see the unit rates and standing charges and the length of the tariff. Go for the best as per your calculations.

6. Confirm your switch

If you are switching when using the Ofgem accredited company and the site does not mention cashback (My Energy Club does 🙂 be clever and go to a cashback site you use and be referred to the utility switch site from there. Let’s say you want to switch when using uSwitch so go to TopCashback and look for uSwitch and get the £25 cashback they offer if you complete the switching activity when being referred to uSwitch via Topcashback.

The last step is to confirm that switch by providing your full address and bank details (the direct debit plan is usually the cheapest option).

All done! Your new supplier will be notified about their new customer and will contact you after the two week cooling off period with some follow up information about your service switchover date.

FAQ re utility switch

1. Will my energy supply be interrupted when I switch suppliers?

No. You won’t see any change yourself, well apart from the new energy charge which should be cheaper 🙂 There won’t be any interruption to your energy supply. The change will be done seamlessly by your new provider taking care of the switch formalities which won’t concern any physical changes in your home at all.

2. Do I get the new supplier rates as soon as I confirm my switch?

No. The whole process takes 17 days (three days plus a two-week cooling-off period). The new supplier will contactYour new energy supplier will contact your current one to agree on dates. They will let you know the date next.

3. Will I get any information from my new energy supplier?

You should get a welcome pack and a letter from your new supplier. It should state the new agreement details. Your old supplier may request a final reading of you at the time of your switch to give you an accurate final bill based on real usage.

4. Will I get two bills?

No. The switch date is agreed by the old and new company, so given that you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit, you will not be billed twice.

5. What if I change my mind?

You have 14 days of cooling off period should you change your mind and if you didn’t want the new service. You need to contact the new utility supplier to let them know and they will cancel the switch request.

6. Can I switch suppliers multiple times?

Absolutely. It is probably better to monitor your bills and switch the supplier whenever new deal deems sensible – watch out for the exit fees as often the new deal won’t be a deal anymore when you add an exit fee should you have it on your existing tariff.

In fact, you can switch suppliers every 28 days if you want to. But maybe check gas and electricity deals and offers 1-2x per year 🙂

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