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iLife V7S Plus – review of a robotic hoover with a mop

Hoovering robots iLife are great machines that make everyone’s lives easier for a fraction of cost. 

iLife V7S Plus it’s a new version of the most popular model of iLife which has not only a turbo brush but also a mop.

Check out if iLife V7S Plus will be a good choice for you and find out where to get it cheaply. I absolutely LOVE MINE hence I wrote about it as I bought it and LOVE it, it’s not any brand collaboration but an honest unpaid review of mine.

Hoovering robots iLife

iLife is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum cleaning robots. The Chinese company has proved that for little money it is possible to offer devices that do not differ in quality from much more expensive competitors. On Aliexpress and in other Chinese sales websites, you can already find a dozen iLife models that differ in specific functions. 

iLife V7S Plus – the next edition of the popular robot

The iLife V7S is probably the most-bought model of this brand, which went on sale about 2 years ago. Since then, however, it has had a few modifications. This can cause a lot of confusion, especially in a situation where there are robots with very similar names and different functions. Currently, the most common versions of this robot are the iLife V7S Pro and the newest iLife V7S Plus. One would have thought that “Pro” suggests that this is a better version. It is better but in relation to the original model. Meanwhile, the Plus model is another modification of the iLife V7S Pro robot. So pay attention to it before buying.

Unboxing iLife V7S Plus

The set includes:

  • hoovering robot 
  • charger;
  • charging station;
  • mop with a spare cloth
  • dust container
  • 2 extra filters for the dust containers
  • water container
  • remote control + batteries for it
  • robot cleaning brush
  • manual + warranty card

ILife V7S Plus technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 340 x 84 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Suction power: 400 Pa
  • Battery: 2600 mAh
  • Working time: 110 – 120 minutes
  • Charging time: max. 3 hours
  • Dust container: 300 ml
  • Water container: 300 ml + 60 ml for dust

The first use of iLife V7S Plus

Before starting the robot for the first time the hoovering space needs some preparation 🙂 The most important thing is that there are no small items on the floor that the robot could pull in against our will or that could clog it (e.g. toys, foil bags, etc).

You should also hide any loose cables and laces – robots are very eager to pull them on and get tangled up in them. They can also pull all those items with them. It is not that bad if the robot pulls the shoes with it, but its not so nice when it knocks over some expensive equipment connected to these cables. Another threat to both our robot and our apartment are items that could easily fall over in the event of a collision with the robot (e.g. light vases). So make sure you place the robot in reasonably obstacle-free areas with no access to any fragile or valuable items which may be destroyed by it.

Place the charging station in an easily accessible place, connect the charger, place the robot on the station and everything is ready. The robot, after charging (charging time takes up to 3 hours but the manual says it should take up to 12hrs before the first use), allows you to work for about 2 hours.

The operation is carried out using the included remote control, which is not too complicated. The basic hoovering mode can also be started using the “Clean” button on the robot.

iLife V7S Plus Modes

The remote control has a total of 10 buttons that can be used to operate all available robot functions.

In the central part of the remote control, we find the most important button to start and stop the robot. Starting the equipment with this button will start the AUTO mode, i.e. the basic one, in which the robot travels around all available spaces, driving according to its own algorithm.

In this operating mode, the iLife V7S Plus will return to base itself when it starts to run out of energy. At any time, we can also send it to the base ourselves using the button with the image of a house with a plug.

There are 4 arrows around the AUTO button. With their help, we can control the robot during its work, for example, when we want to change its direction or send it to a specific place.

Below, we find the button programming hoovering time (on the left) and the clock button (on the right). After pressing them, the appropriate digits for the current time and the scheduled cleaning time will start flashing on the display. Use arrows to set appropriate hours. Remember, however, that after setting them, the robot will clean every day at a specified time. If we want to break the programmed hoovering routine u we have to reset the robot.

The bottom buttons are responsible for the other functions of the robot.

On the left, there is a spot mode button that starts cleaning a small fragment of the floor around the robot. In this mode, the robot will run around its axis for a short time, vacuuming the immediate surroundings, and then it will return to the starting point.

On the right, there is the edge cleaning mode. It is similar to the AUTO mode. The robot will run “until it drops”, but it will only run along walls, carefully cleaning the edges.

Impressions after the first use

I haven’t tested any other robots and only saw Roomba at my sister in law house so my poll to compare the hoovers is quite small. However, this is our first robot and I am quite happy with it for the price I paid for it.

In addition to the previously mentioned functions, there are two basic operating modes of the iLife V7S Plus: vacuuming and moping. Let’s look at them a bit more in detail.


Let’s start with vacuuming. In this case, we use a dust container with a capacity of 300ml.

Decent capacity, unfortunately, we will encounter some differences here compared to most modern robots. This container does not have a HEPA filter in it. There are two filters: the primary and the main one, but they are not HEPA filters, valued mainly by allergy sufferers because they limit the rising of dust particles.

The suction power of the robot is 400 Pa, which is a fairly average result, not to say low compared to most of the latest robotic vacuum cleaners, especially the most expensive ones with 2000 Pa. Fortunately, the effectiveness of vacuuming is increased thanks to the use of a turbo brush (here a big plus compared to, for example, the twin iLife V5S, which does not have such a brush). The brush is mainly useful on carpets because it’s combing them, it selects all impurities from them, and then vacuums them. In addition, the robot has one front sweeper that extracts debris from the corners and collects them under the robot.

As for the robot ride itself, I have no objections. It runs as it should as described. Individual modes work as they should. There are also anti-drop sensors, thanks to which the robot will not fall down the stairs. In the AUTO mode, the robot drives a bit chaotic, but eventually, it will get everywhere and it will calmly cover an apartment with an area of approx. 100 m2 (even larger according to the manufacturer).

Most importantly – after finishing vacuuming, we will ALWAYS remove the full dust container from the robot. I say always as I do clean frequently my floors yet was amazed that the dust container is full!

To conclude, I rate this hovering robot as very good in this class for this price.


In addition to vacuuming, this robot has one more function, which is mopping. At this point, I would like to emphasize that mopping for most devices of this type is really only wiping with a wet cloth not mopping as such. With that, it’s not suitable for cleaning up messy floors, including very dry stains. Mopping is mainly used to refresh the floor.

Before mopping, the mop cloth should be attached to the bottom of the robot (quite easy, with a latch), and the dust container should be replaced by the blue water container that we have in the set. It is very easy to fill -max. 300 ml of water.

We start the robot in exactly the same way as when vacuuming. There will be only one difference: in addition to vacuuming, the robot will also mop. As you drive, droplets are gradually released from the water container that wet the mop cloth.

Everything works similar to previous iLife models when mopping except for one important point: with all previous models (including the iLife V7S Pro), the robot is either vacuuming or mopping. There was no option for them to do it simultaneously. Before mopping the floor, it was recommended to vacuum it first. With the iLife V7S Plus, this is not the case. The robot vacuums and mops at the same time. The water container also has a place to collect dust. It is small (60 ml), but allows you to collect any larger pieces of dust or crumbs before mopping.

A common problem at the time of mopping is fear of uneven amounts of water staying on the floor.

Some robots can distribute it unevenly, which causes damp patches and leaves water stains. In addition to the poor visual effect, there is also the fear of damaging the floor (e.g. wooden). And here the iLife V7S Plus surprised me the most. It turns out that mop’s dampening system works very sparingly when it comes to leaving weather on the floors. The robot practically leaves no water behind. After a few rounds, the floor is only slightly damp and dries instantly. At the same time, the previously mentioned 300 ml of water in the container is enough for a very long mopping ride. So, I assess the mopping function (or actually mopping with vacuuming) very positively.

So let’s summarize the pros and cons of iLife V7S Plus.


  • very good price-quality ratio; I paid £118 for mine at AlliExpress
  • a great function of simultaneous mopping and vacuuming;
  • turbo brush increasing the effectiveness of vacuuming;
  • very easy to use with remote control.


  • low suction force compared to competitors;
  • no app;
  • chaotic driving (no room scanning);
  • no HEPA filter

iLife V7S Plus – final summary

To sum up, I believe that iLife V7S Plus is a great device, taking into account its reasonable price. It is not the best robot available on the market. It loses mainly due to low suction power and lack of application support. Thus, it will not be the first choice for everyone. However, if you do not have too high expectations and, above all, too much money to spend, the iLife V7S Plus may be a perfect choice. I was positively surprised by the mopping function, which has been significantly improved in this model compared to other iLife robots. If you still struggle to choose the appropriate one for you maybe this table from AliExpress will help:

You can buy the presented robot from the official iLife store on Aliexpress. The robots are shipped from the EU so it arrives at your home very quickly unlike when it is shipped from China. The robot is also available on Gearbest but its more expensive there. The same goes for eBay where at the time of writing (Sep-20) the robot cost £167.

It is undoubtedly cheaper on websites selling goods from China directly or via its European distributors such as Aliexpress. You can be comforted that getting this or any other robot on Aliexpress is safe especially when they come from the EU distributors which offer a two-year warranty and service. 

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