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10 money saving apps I use

I love when I can save money when walking, eating out or simply working out 🙂

The recently discovered android apps which save me money or sometimes earn me money are:

  1. Shopmium – I use this FEE app frequently. Download it and see the products you can get cashback for in the app. If unsure if the product you find in a shop qualifies for ashopmium app cashback scan its bar code. Then once you buy it scan the bar code again and upload the recite prooving the purchase. Once the claim has been validated you will have cashback credit in your PayPal or bank account in a space of 1-3 days. Read more about shopmium here.

GreenJinn2. GreenJinn – another FFEE superb app saving you money on grocery shopping. It works a bit differently to Shopmium as here you choose the products featured for a cashback and then once you get them to submit an image of the receipt.

That’s how I make the most of the above apps – a total saving of 52%  🙂


3. Sweatcoinbrilliant app, tracking outdoor movements. Sweatcioin gives you 1 sweat coin for 1000 steps. Check out how long you need to sweat for a sensible reward other than being fit and healthy 🙂

4. AA Parking (£1.99) – this app is worth the £1.99 it costs as it gives you a list of free and paid parking spots in the UK and Ireland, real-time parking space updates and opening hours and the cheapest prices.

5. O2 Priority
Price: Free
For Apple and Android devices.
Find free stuff & deals from your local stores. We’ve picked up free Coca-Cola, chocolates, dictionaries, car screen wash, Christmas cards and more besides. If you’re not already with O2 you can simply order a free SIM card and pop it into your phone to download the app.

Price: Free
For Apple and Android devices.
Get cashback when you do your grocery shopping by purchasing specific items, snapping the barcode and uploading your receipt to the app. Some items are eligible for 100% cashback. Check Shopitize’s Facebook page every Wednesday for codes that will unlock new items on your app.

7. CheckoutSmart
Price: Free
For Apple and Android devices.
This is another of the major cashback apps. Browse the items available on the app, purchase them and upload your receipt. No need to use codes or scan barcodes like Shopitize.

8. WEQ4U
Price: Free
For Apple and Android devices.
Make free calls to geographic and ‘08’ numbers. This app also waits on hold for you and calls you back once you’re through to an operator.

9. Vouchercloud
Price: Free
For Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.
The Vouchercloud app uses your location to let you know of deals in shops and eateries nearby. Load the voucher you want to use onto your screen and show it to the cashier to redeem.

10 OLIO – Connect with your neighbours to share food and other things. **Covid-19 update – share safely with no-contact pickups.**


Useful money saving websites:

You may already use the TopCashback website, which gives you cashback on over 4,200 online retailers. Did you know it has a dedicated FREE app too? Get money back both online and in-store.

2. Offer Oasis have the best free samples for UK freebie hunters. 

3. Idealo (free) – a shopping comparison site. Useful to check if eBay, Amazon and other usually visited sites are the best marketplaces out there.

These are just a few examples of the money-savvy apps available to download for free. We love these ones in particular for their ease of use and their continuing great offers. We hope you’ll find them just as useful in your quest to save money.

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I am not Martin Lewis but Martyna aka Money Saving Girl. When I first came to the UK I was on a super tight budget, so I know how hard it is not to have money or how to get creative to get 'more for less'. I share with you my money saving tips about anything which worked for me. Be it free samples, shopping tricks, iTunes, various discount apps, websites and reward programs. Occasionally I write about traveling or insurance.

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