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TopCashBack Mega Treats Giveaway – January 2020

Today on 10/01/2020 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Back to Mega Treats giveaway!

As you know the aim of the TopCashback giveaway is to guess the brand hidden behind the flying hummingbird when using daily clues. Go on TopCashback site to see Humminbird at the bottom of the page- click on it and see a daily clue.

Every day they will present us with summer TCB daily clues for you to guess. Simply figure out the retailer mentioned in the clue and head onto that retailer page to catch the TCB Hummingbird ( he usually flies in from the top or middle left of your screen).

Mega Treats Cashback Giveaway competition is open until the 20th of January 2020. There are £22,000 in prizes to be won!

Hurry up and visit TopCashback site between those days and click on the green bar at the bottom of the page for a daily clue.

Each valid hummingbird collected awards entrants 1 entry into the Mega Prize Draw.

Below shared are my Daily Clues & TopCashback Mega Treats Answers:

10.01.20- Groupon – 1 x Gummy Bear

11.01.20- Secret Sales – 1 x PDE (prize draw entry)

12.01.20 – The Protein Works – 1 x Cola bottle for me 🙂

13.01.20- Kiwi.com – 1 dot 1x dummy so need 3 more to win £100

14.01.20 – Viator -1 x jellybean for me

15.01.20 – 20Cogs – 1 x PDE for me

16.01.20 – Coach Stores – 1 x Cola Bottle for me

17.01.20- Nike and NIKEiD

18.01.20 – Audible – 1 PDE

19.01.20- Etsy -1 x dummy

20.01.20- My vegan – 1x PDE

What to do if you are not finding hummingbirds?

ensure you are logged in to Topcashback as you won’t find a hummingbird if you follow the links but are not logged in

– This competition does not work on the mobile app. When on a smartphone make ensure you are logged in through the browser

Clear your cookies after you have found 1 or 2 hummingbirds

– If you can use different devices, swap between them

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