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UK’s Biggest Online Unwanted Gift Swap – Preloved

The UK’s biggest unwanted gift ads site  Preloved is a useful domain when it comes to getting rid of unwanted presents.

Unwanted Gifts

The UK’s largest online marketplace believes that too many unwanted gifts are left unused or simply thrown away after Christmas each year, and have launched the campaign in a bid to make it as easy as possible for users up and down the country to swap their unwanted gifts.

There is quick cash to be made and Preloved treasures to be found” says Wing Chan, the Managing Director of the site. “There are so many of our members that can benefit from selling or swapping their gifts, and those who didn’t get the presents they wanted can hunt them down and find them at reduced prices.”

Around £1.2bn is spent each year in the UK on unwanted Christmas gifts; a significant portion of which are simply thrown away. The online marketplace aim to provide their members with a platform that allows them to find people in their local area to trade their unwanted Christmas presents with, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the amount of perfectly good presents that go to landfill.

To sell unwanted stuff sellers must include ‘new unwanted gift’ in their advert title or description. Buyers, and those looking to swap their items, can search for ‘new unwanted gift’ in the Preloved search bar on site. Members will be encouraged to use the Member Messaging Service to contact members whose items they’re interested in.


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