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Mobile Phone Checker – the best mobile phone comparison tool

Fancy a new phone or maybe you need a brand new tariff or are considering switching to PAYG to keep your spend at bay? There is an amazing website which will help you achieve all of your mobile phone related goals. Read my honest review to see why I am admiring it so much and why I will encourage you to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

Build by a clever student Adam Cable as a part of his dissertation โ€˜Mobile Phone Checkerโ€™ has evolved since and became one of the leading and trustworthy mobile phone comparison sites.

Adam Cable

They are the most accurate mobile comparison site on the market. The website offers you 920,779 deals at the time of writing this post – all clear and impartial. They double check the deals twice daily filtering through millions of phone tariffs from 20+ retailers to deliver the best possible mobile phone deals to the site users. It is also Ofcom regulated, which means that the information provided on the site is accurate, transparent and up to date.

What is important to highlight here is the fact that the site showcases the best deals they can find regardless of whether the site benefits financially of them, thatโ€™s why you can trust Mobile Phone Checker knowing they do care about your needs and do not support particular deals based on the incentives they may be getting from referring users to the retailers.

They do not include every package for example legacy tariffs no longer available. Tariffs only available to existing/specific customers wonโ€™t be featured on the site as well- so it is always best to double check the deals you can get due to your loyalty to the current providers before swapping it for a new mobile phone deal. It is also advisable to check what is meant by “unlimited” allowances, there may be times where there is traffic management or fair usage policies.

There is a whole variety of mobile phone checks you can carry out, you can check:
contract phones
tailored to your search for new mobile or tariff according to your needs
SIM Only
data SIMs
Amazon warehouse deals
O2 Refresh deals
you can also get refurbished phone deals

Furthermore their PAYG SIM card comparison is unique to them as none of their competitors offers this comparison check on their sites.

In order to get some more control over the mobile phone spend Mobile Phone Checkers included a fully personalised โ€˜Build Your Ownโ€™ phone/tariff search functionality. You can choose your handset and specify your SIM requirements. You will then be presented with the price of a handset as well as the best selection of SIM only tariffs.

Mobile Phone Checker

Visit the site now to see how easy it is to navigate and use it and see if there is a better deal you could land yourself on your mobile phone.

I actually spend ยฃ0 on my phone – yes it is possible – as I have it totally for free thanks to my broadband provider TalkTalk (I have a relatively small allowance but I use my mobile mainly when on WI-FI, so my low data allowance is not a problem for me) but I am sure I will use Mobile Phone Checker when in a need for a new handset – as I havenโ€™t quite figured out how to get this for free โ€˜yetโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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