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Chromecast Deals, Discounts & Voucher Codes

I cant prise Google Chromecast enough. I was lucky enough to get mine at work. That small device plugged into my TV (via HDMI or USB) allows me to watch anything I stream wirelessly using Chrome on my mobile phone or laptop e.g Amazon Prime movies, YouTube videos, iPlayer and ITV, Channle 4 programmes, pictures. You can also watch NOW TV or Netflix.

Current Google Chromecast offers:

Amazed by Chromecast (there are also Chromecast 2 and Ultra – you can compare which one is better for you here) I also bought Chromecast Audio as it allows me to stream my favourite music from Spotify directly to my HiFi system in my lounge as well as it allows to multi-room the music to JBL Charge speaker in my bedroom.
You can get the following deals on all the Chromecast devices:

Existing Users

If like me you own Chromecast devices you can get the offers for existing users, check it out here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_gb/chromecast/tv/chromecast/offers/ or log into your Google Home app, as it manages all Chromecast devices) and check the recent offers. Currently there are no available offers but that may change so watch this space:-)

New Chromecast users

Chromecast Deal: £18 after cashback (save £12) 

*If you haven’t joined Quidco when signing up for it you can get £12 of a cashback – all you need to do is to make your first purchase (min spend £5) by the 31st August you’ll receive an extra £12 cashback, which means that you can get Chromecast Ultra 2 for £18 after the cashback. **If however you did join Quidco in the past the cheapest deals are either on eBay or when getting it from the regular retailers and ideally through a cashback site to get some money back through the purchase. At the time of revising this post the highest cashback is on Maplin – 5.5% which means you can get the Chromecast 2 for £28.35 after the cashback (you can get this cashback when shopping offline – just remember to activate functionality when on TopCashback site and to use your Mastercard as a payment for the offline transactions made).

  • Quidco* – £18 –> £30 from the retailers mentioned below -£12 of cashback for a sign up =£18)
  • **eBay –> £26
  • **eBay–>  £27 
  • **Google Store, Currys/PCWord &Argos, Tesco, John Lewis and Maplin- £30 –> or about £28.35 at Maplin –> after cashback atm
  • Very – £29.99 + £3.99 for shipping…

* If you are not afraid of taking risks you can always try the unbranded cast e.g. Any Cast which cost £11.94 on Amazon, but its review are bit contradictionary …

Chromecast Ultra Deals – 2 offers for new and existing cashback users:
RRP £69 (Google Store, Currys/PCWord,Argos, John Lewis)


If you do not have Quidco account sign up for it (as mentioned above ) to benefit from £12 cashback offer. If you are Quidco member get John Lewis Zeek card as it will save you 4% on the card as £48 will get you £50 and when –  sign up here and get the Chromecast Ultra for £67 after the discounts applied.

Chromecast Audio Deals- save £10 of the RRP 🙂

  • £20 from 30 at :Currys/PCWord + 1.5% cashback at TopCashback which means your total Chromecast price will be £19.70
  • £23.91 – from MyMemory where Chromecast Audio cost £24.99 & after cashback from TopCashback you will save an additional £1.04 which will bring the total price to £23.91
  • RRP £30 at Google Store, Argos, Tesco, John Lewis and Maplin alternatively you can get an used Chromecast Audio from Currys eBay outlet which will costs you only £16.00

Have you found any of these cheaper anywhere? Let me know ☺

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