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Money Saving Hero of January 2017 – Emma Drew

I have been lucky to meet a person who inspired me to try a few things in life, she is a very clever lady – Emma Drew – an owner of emmadrew.info. Check my interview with Emma to find out more about her and her website. You can follow Emma on Facebook and Twitter, over to Emma:

1. What is your blog about?

I blog about making money, saving money and living the life you want. You will find anything from my latest holiday to real life money making tips and income reports.

 2. Why have you created your blog?

When I first turned to making money online, there were so many scams. I started my blog to chronicle my online money making ventures and to warn others about any scams along the way.

3. With so many money saving blogger out there how do you keep your blog different?

I truly believe that readers keep coming back to read the blogger’s take on various topics. I think that I stand out from other money saving bloggers because I write my monthly income reports, telling people exactly how much money I’ve made every month, and how.

 4. Top tips for saving money/ saving students money?

Meal planning is one of the easiest ways to save money, so I always recommend that someone tries it out first. Think about how often you go grocery shopping – it is usually at least once a week. Imagine if you could start saving money on your groceries right now? You’ll see the savings immediately!

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love running my blog, so it is hard to prise myself away from it. When I do, I’m either on holiday in Disneyworld, visiting the cinema or swimming.

6. How do you save money?

Saving money is now second nature to me and something I do without thinking. From meal planning to using cashback websites, I do whatever I can to make a saving.

 7. What was your biggest financial mistake you made?

I bought my first house aged 18, just before the recession hit. I bought it to live in whilst at university, but it was a real struggle to pay the mortgage on an empty house when I moved back home after I graduated. It took years to save up enough to renovate it to rent out – it was a lot of pressure for me. Now it is turning a profit, but I still think it was a big mistake.

8. What saving (or investment) mistakes do you think most people make?

Not having an emergency savings fund is a really big mistake that most people make. There is so much focus on saving and investing, but they don’t have a spare (or accessible) £100 if the washing machine breaks!

 9.What’s the most extravagant thing you’ve ever bought?

Our wedding was pretty extravagant and combined with our honeymoon it cost a lot, but we worked hard for it and we don’t regret it at all.

 10. What’s the one piece of financial advice you would give your younger-self?

Save more!

 11. One bad financial habit you’d like to kick? 

I really struggle to spend money these days, so I would like to be a bit kinder to myself and have the occasional treat.

12. What’s in your wallet?

Two debit cards (my own and our joint account), my business bank account, a ton of loyalty cards, no cash at all and some receipts.

 13. What is your most popular post to date?

I wrote a post about selling your smelly shoes on eBay which always get a marmite reaction – some people love it and some people are grossed out.

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