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Matched Betting Explained – Place 1st Bet -VIDEO-Questions & Answers

Matched Betting Explained1. What is matched betting?

Matched betting (known also as double betting or back or lay bet matching) is a betting technique using FREE bets and incentives offered by bookmakers to gain the profit. It is risk-free if done correctly and for the right type of bet as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than pure chance. Download Matched Betting Guide to learn matched betting whenever offline:-)

2. How to learn matched betting?

There are plenty of FREE trials available online. They allow newbies to test if matched betting is for them when not spending loads of money nor time on it. Having tried a few matched betting services I am recommending Matched Bets.


3. Why Matched-Bet?

I am writing about Matched Bets here not because I was paid to do so but because I have been using it for a while now and I believe it is one of the greatest match betting sites out there. Why? For starters it allows you to do the FREE trial to check out if match betting is for you, it includes 2 offers you can test, there is no room for making mistakes when placing the very first bets as those offers include video tutorials which you can follow when pausing it to place your bets.

4. How much you make from matched betting?

This is one of those questions which doesn’t have a definite answer, but rumour has it you can make anything from £20-£30 up to £1000-£2000, I have heard about people earning even more than that. Lucky ones can earn extremely large prizes on casino offers. The highest casino amount I have won so far was only £35 but it’s still better than nothing, however, I know people who won as much as £7k, so it is possible but as it is casino it is totally random and down to luck than anything else:-)

5. Is match betting for everyone?

It definitely can be an additional source of income. All you have to do is to spend about half an hour a day or a week (depending on how much and how quickly you want to win). I work full time, therefore match betting is more of my hobby but I know people who are self-employed and earn a fair bit of their monthly income thanks to match betting…Half an hour a day should give you already a decent side income.

6. What is going to happen when the free bonuses end?

You shouldn’t worry about that as there is plenty of bookies available when you buy a membership on the sites like Matched-Bet. Once you are done with football & horse ricing you can move to casino or bingo offers. Furthermore, many bookies offer some incentives to the existing members, therefore keeping up with match betting shouldn’t be a problem in a long term.

7. What is important once started match betting?

It is really important to keep track of the spent and earnings. The easiest way is to do so when updating simple Excel document* (see mine and feel free to copy should you like it) as often as we bet and withdraw the money (it is advised to withdraw the won money – I only keep some money on the Exchange accounts). Simply save the money you deposited (IN) and the money you have withdrawn (OUT) alongside the actual money balance on the opened accounts.

If your partner or flatmate wants to start doing matched betting ensure you register accounts using different home addresses and change your PROXy as the accounts from the same household and IP addresses won’t quality for free bets and promotions.

ENJOY earning money.

*The Excel spreadsheet was prepared at the very beginning of my match betting experience, hence it shows how much I earned after 1 week.

After 2 months of matched betting (when following the website advice from beginner and advanced sections I earned £705,  so I reckon it is not bad as for a busy person doing that totally ad hoc when I have a bit of free time!

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