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Reverse Advent Calendar November 2020 – I am in!

November – a month of raising awareness

November is a special month for me. There are at least 2 good causes I try to take part in.

  1. Pancreatic cancer raising awareness – this year I am doing the TAKE ON challenge and running 24 miles to fundraise much-needed research in the field of pancreatic cancer. Sadly this is one of cancer where nothing has changed in the last 20 years in regards to treatment advancement. Other cancers but pan can have many novel discoveries regarding treatments, we need to CHANGE IT! ?
  2. Reverse Advent Calendar challenge – to raise awareness about food poverty ways to help fight it. ?

Helping to get more food and essentials to those that need it most this Christmas

I am blessed to belong to an amazing blogger community UK Money Bloggers. They have been organisng #FoodbankAdvent campaign for 4 years now. Due to the pandemic this year this initiative seems to be needed more than ever.

It is estimated that this year there is a 61% increase in demand for food parcels this winter compared to 2019…

What is a reverse Advent calendar?

With a regular Advent calendar, you open a square with a surprise (image, chocolate, cosmetics, toys etc.) each day during the first 24 days of December.

The idea of a reverse Advent calendar is different:

  • you give not take a goodie -in our #FoodbankAdvent campaign it’s essential food and toiletries.
  • you start it a month earlier, so throughout November. This is very important as it allows you to donate your advent box at the start of December

How to take part in a reverse advent calendar challenge?

Everyone can do it -you don’t have to be a blogger or belong to our community. All you have to do is to prepare a big box and add your 24 items to it throughout November. You then donate that to your local food bank.

If you want to help more, spread the word about this challenge to get friends, family, and colleagues to encourage them to take part.

Ensure to share your progress on social media & when doing so use the hashtag #FoodbankAdvent.

Why put food/toiletries in each day?

#FoodbankAdvent campaign isn’t just about getting people to donate food to their local food bank.

It’s to raising awareness: about food poverty & about ways to help fight it<3

You can always prepare a big foodbank parcel, or buy something each time you go to the supermarket ( I saw Morrisons offers prepared foodbank bags so you can easily get that to help those in need) but when being a part of #FoodbankAdvent campaign you remind others of the need of help and promote it bit more.

I think sharing our progress each day throughout the month motivates all of us to do more & hopefully encourages more people to join in.

Why #FoodbankAdvent campaign is run in November?

You must be thinking why not 1-24.12 as a regular advent calendar?

Sadly it’s not practical!

  1. foodbanks aren’t open daily.
  2. Our donations don’t just go to a particular family.

Foodbanks divide your food donations into parcels that’ll last a family three days. That requires time hence donating at the end of November allows the Foodbanks to distribute all the goodies throughout December as people need it.

What to include in your reverse advent calendar box?

Its encouraged to focus on food and toiletries. As these are the items foodbankvisitors need the most.

Its a GOOD IDEA to find out what your local food bank needs as every food bank will potentially have different needs. Most of them may share this information on their social media or website.

Typically you should get long-life items when preparing your foodbank parcel. You can get an idea of what can be put to a typical food parcel here and non-food items here. You may also include items for those with dietary limitations or some festive items – just ensure it must have good use by date.

How to donate your reverse advent calendar?

  1. Leave the box in your local supermarket
  2. Or search the Trussell Trust website to find your local foodbank.

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