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Sainsbury’s toilet roll -top one saving you money on toilet paper

According to Ethical Consumer magazine, most of the UK toilet roll brands were using less recycled paper in their products in 2019 than in 2011. Only five of the major supermarkets (Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Waitrose) offer an own-brand recycled toilet paper. Furthermore, Sainsbury’s toilet roll scored the best in Bathrooms.com experiment 🙂 See below.

The average Brit uses 127 rolls of toilet roll every year, which adds up to a UK total of 1.3 million tonnes of tissue. All of this paper has to come from somewhere, particularly  ‘brand new’ paper made directly from trees that are mashed. Sustainable forest management works to ensure that cut-down trees are replaced. The FSC logo on toilet packs is a good indicator of companies that support this practice. Sadly, this is not always the case.

As any toilet roll not only Sainsbury’s toilet roll requires a huge amount of water and energy during the production process. According to Brondell, a single toilet roll of toilet paper uses 37 gallons of water to manufacture, while producing and transporting toilet paper uses 17.3 terawatts of electricity every year.

With the average person spending 30 minutes a day on the toilet, this is no wee matter.

In the past Bathrooms.com* have estimated that you could save up to £647 on loo roll a year by switching to a cheaper brand.

The experiment was conducted in association with Swansea University students who tested key areas of performance on toilet rolls from top supermarket and retail brands.

Aidan Diffey, Chief Toilet Officer at Bathrooms.com said “We wanted to give consumers a real insight into what they are getting for their money so that they are saving a penny whilst spending a penny. It was a very rigorous testing process that not only looked for a roll that was economical but that also ticked the box for design and quality.”

Andrex, Charmin and Cushelle quilted ranges all topped the chart for softness with an 8/10 softness score, following closely behind was Nouvelle and Marks and Spencer own brand with a softness score of 7/10.

Lidl Everyday Essential toilet roll came up trumps for the length of a toilet roll at 48m, which is 2m longer than Sainsbury’s toilet roll – the basics one, its closest rival.

Showing that money will buy you quality is Charmin Quilted coming in at £2.18 per 4 pack whereas cheap and not so cheerful is Tesco standard rolls at 67p.

*Bathrooms.com  they were founded in 2004 and have been providing the UK and Ireland with affordable bathroom design ever since. They believe in nurturing long term relationships with designers and craftsmen to give customers good design at prices that will help them create more than they ever thought possible. Based in Watford, the bathrooms. com team are on a mission to democratise good bathroom design.

Toilet paper: weekly household expenditure in the UK 2019, by age
Published by Tugba Sabanoglu, Mar 24, 2020
 This statistic shows the average weekly household expenditure on toilet paper in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2019, by age of household reference person. That year, respondents with a household reference person aged 65 to 74 years spent an average of 90 pence a week on toilet paper. This amount was the same for all UK households.

Average weekly household expenditure on toilet paper in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2019, by age of household reference person*

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