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TopCashBack Summer Treats Answers 2018 – clues & answers 💰

Current giveaway answers available here 🙂

Today on 11/06/2018 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Summer Treats giveaway!

Every day they will present us with summer TCB clues for you to guess the retailer mentioned in the clue. Once you know what retailer is trading you need to find that retailer to get the TCB Hummingbird flying in (from the top or middle left of your screen). 

Click on the Hummingbird and you get a chance to win a treat! There are 58,000 instant win cash prizes up to £100, and a fantastic £3,000 mega cash prize for one lucky winner. 10 lucky players will also win an additional £100 – simply earn cashback on any of our featured ‘Buy-to-win Bonus’ retailers before 1st July 2018. Hurry up as the giveaway lasts for next 3 weeks!  I’ll post a daily answer for you so you can get the prize when you struggle with the daily clues yourself 🙂 Check my blog daily and share your successes in the comments 🙂

TCB Summer Treats Cashbacj Giveaway

Daily Clues & TopCashback Summer 2018 Treats Answers:
Day 1 – 11/06/2018 – Grow Gorgeous – I won 1 x Sea Shell

Dasy 2 – 12/06/2018 – AO – I got PDE

Day 3 – 13/-6/2018 – Glossy Box – I got another PDE 🙁

Day 4- 14/06/2018 – DELL Consumer UK where I got 1x Sunglasses &  I also tried  HP – I got 1 Bikini 🙂

Day 5 – 15/06/2018 – Mio Skincare – I got another PDE 🙁

Day 6 – 16/06/2018-  Illamasqua – I got one ball 🙂

Day 7 – 17/06/2018 –  DELL Inspiron Gaming UK – I got 1x Starfish

Day 8 – 18/06/2018- Eyeko – I got 1x Starfish

Day 9- 19/06/2018 – The Hut – I got PDE

Day 10 – 20/06/2018 – Accor Hotels – again 1 more PDE ;-(

Day 11 – 21/06/2018 – Figleaves – I got 1x Sun

Day 12 – 22/06/2018- Fitflop – 1 PDE ;-(

Day 13 -23/06/2018 – Currys – 1 got Sunglasses 🙂 I also got PDE on eBay 🙂

Day 14 -24/06/2018 – M&S – 1 got 1x Sunglasses again yay

Day 15-25/06/2018 – JD Sports – I got 1 PDE 🙁

Day 16-26/06/2018 – ASOS  – I got 1 bikini

Day 17-27/06/2018 – Direct Blinds – 1 got another seashell..ups I got it wrong as it turned out to be M&M Direct oh well, I am hoping some of you were lucky like me and got two birds with no PDE 🙂

Day 18-28/06/2018 – sadly the clue for today doesn’t load a few minutes after midnight  ;-( I will try to update it when I wake up..eh 7 am  and still the same, my husband got a bird on Radisson Blu Edwardian.

Oh wow the clue loads for me…and it is Paddy Power Sportsbook– sadly I got just PDE…

Day 19-29/06/2018 – Elemis – I got only 1 PDE

Day 20-30/06/2018 – Carphone Warehouse – 1 ice-cream for me…

Day 21 – 01/07/2018 – All Beauty – 1 sun for me but still 1 too little to get £10 🙁

TCB Summer Treats Giveaway Tips:

1. Check which retailers appear in the TCB main banner or are trending now to get some more  ideas for potential clues and answers:

Trending Now TCB for clues

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  1. What is a PDE? Thanks so much for the helpful answers! 🙂

  2. Prize Draw Entry. Happy to help 🙂

  3. Thursday 14 June
    Sorry to say it MSG, but I disagree with your answer of HP for today as it did nothing for me, but DELL CONSUMER UK did, although it was only a pde 😕

  4. You are right. I couldn’t guess which retailer it was so tried a few and looks like I was lucky to get a prize on HP which mislead me…But it seems it is DELL Consumer UK indeed. Thanks Karen 🙂

  5. I keep getting prize draw entries (PDE) – I would love to get a load of different items

  6. I too got a PDE on HP earlier and I’ve just got an Ice Cream on Dell Consumer UK.

  7. I am inputting the answers to daily clues and not getting anything??

  8. I found 2 hummingbirds today. Firstly Currys PC World and Dell Consumer UK. Didn’t get anything for HP

  9. I guess the prizes are randomly allocated…

  10. Started off well, won 10p (wow!), but just getting PDE after PDE now. Think it’s a bit of a scam, as they can give out infinite PDE’s for the cost of only one prize.

  11. Yay.
    20p won today on eyeko

  12. For on Travelodge

  13. Thanks! 🙂 I have one item on everything but the beach ball – go figure. 😉 Lots of PDEs, sigh. Oh, well! The hummingbird is super cute and pretty so it’s fun just finding him 😀 haha

  14. I take it back, I’ve won 10p, 20p, and £1. PDE’s are still outnumbering seashells etc three to one though!

  15. Thanks for sharing this great post

  16. also got goodies on POLICY EXPERT and VIRGIN MEDIA BUSINESS

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