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Save Money on the Heating this Winter – try the Chimney Sheep

Sales and savings soar as chimney draught excluder looks set to raise the roof again this winter

• Kevin McCloud places product centre stage at Grand Designs Live as top eco product
• Product has saved homeowners £650,000 nationwide over last two winters

As the cold months draw closer and energy bills remain at an all-time high, homeowners across the country are keen to learn about the latest tricks to help keep draughts at bay and fuel costs down this winter.

Many will be implementing their usual seasonal insulation techniques, including cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and blocking up drafts around doors and windows, but most will forget about insulating the chimney, which lets precious warm air escape from millions of homes every winter.

The Chimney Sheep is here to help and it’s currently top of the savvy homeowner’s shopping list as winter preparations begin. It’s a clever draught excluder for chimneys made from 100 per cent natural fibres and it has recently been endorsed by design guru and homes expert Kevin McCloud.

Kevin McCloud spoke about the benefits of the product recently: ‘Sheepswool is insulating, durable and naturally hygroscopic – absorbing and releasing moisture slowly. That’s what makes it ideal as a chimney stop. Any home with one chimney will lose 4% of its energy up the hole, so it makes simple, obvious sense to block the flue and insulate the blockage at the same time’.

Sales and savings are soaring nationwide thanks to the smart product’s performance. To date, Chimney Sheep has sold 10,000 units, equating to nationwide energy bill savings of £650,000.

Its simple yet effective design is due to the wool felt it is made from which has been sourced from the Lake District’s native thick-coated Herdwick sheep. The thick wool felt enables the Chimney Sheep to effectively block a chimney with its uniquely breathable yet snug fit.

The product, which will be exclusively available to buy from B&Q online from October this year and is also available to buy from Friends of the Earth’s website, Low Energy Supermarket and a number of other smaller outlets, is popular with homeowners as it is stops four per cent of a home’s heat from escaping – heat that would normally leak out through an open chimney flue.

The product has started to become a no brainer for anyone with a chimney in their home as it saves up to £74 per year on a household’s energy bills, paying for itself in just six months.

Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud thinks the product is one of the most innovative energy savers for the home on the market. He has selected it as one of his top 10 ‘Green Heroes’, a selection of energy saving products which will take precedence at the Grand Designs exhibition at the NEC centre next month.

Kevin McCloud chose Chimney Sheep from numerous submissions made by eco-product designers nationwide. The dedicated ‘Green Heroes’ feature sits at the heart of the live show and means significant consumer endorsement for the product.

Chimney Sheep inventor, Sally, 44, who lives in the Lake District, feels that homeowners need to look again at how they insulate their homes, and not forget about the chimney. Insulation is a vital money saver over the winter months, but if you don’t seal up all the gaps your efforts will be ineffective. She says:

“You can spend a fortune insulating your loft, walls, installing double glazing, putting in radiator reflectors and so on, but if you’ve got a square foot gap designed to suck air out of a building then you’ll lose all that lovely expensive warm air out of a room within an hour.

“Even if you have unused fireplaces at home, it can be really expensive to get this blocked off so many of my customers find it easier to just use a Chimney Sheep instead to prevent warm air being lost and cold air coming into the home.”

A new range of decorative accessories for the Chimney Sheep are also available, designed to hang from the device when it is in use to remind user not to light a fire whilst it is in place.
Following a surge in demand for the product, Sally has further improved the design of the product and has also moved to bigger premises, investing in more machinery to enable the team to do more manufacturing in-house and keep up with the significant winter orders it expects this year.

The cost of a Chimney Sheep ranges from £15 – £65 and there are different dimensions available to fit all chimney shapes and sizes. For more information, visit www.chimneysheep.co.uk.

chimney sheep - save on heating
– The Chimney Sheep is made from 100 per cent recyclable materials
– University of Liverpool report is dated August 2013 and was carried out by Professor Steve Sharples and Haniyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi
– The Chimney Sheep is available from selected stockists and is also available to buy online atwww.chimneysheep.co.uk, B & Q online and Friends of the Earth plus Low Energy Supermarket
– Chimney Sheep won an Ends Green Economy Award in 2013
– Chimeny Sheep will be exhibited as part of Kevin Mc Cloud’s ‘Green Heroes’ at Grand Designs Live at the NEC Centre from 9 – 12 October 2014
– Since its launch over 10,000 units have been sold equating to savings of £650,000 on heating bills per year, nationwide
– To date, Chimney Sheep has stopped 1900 tons of carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere per year

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