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Save yourself Blue Monday pain with these Mood Saving Tips

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January every year and in 2016 it falls on Monday, January 18. It is called so due to a mix of weather, debt problem and the after Xmas back to work reality.

How to avoid it?

If you are not on your summer holidays on 18th of Jan maybe book them ASAP? According to Skyscnanner January is the cheapest month to fly from UK, whereas August is the most expensive.

What if are not on holidays on 18th of January?

  1. Make an effort an wake up half an hour earlier to exercise. Free apps such as Workout Trainer can help you get on with this task 🙂
  2. Get a smoothie maker such as Nutribullet (currently the cheapest are on eBay) and make a smoothie which will boost your mood. Start your day with RASPBERRY COCONUT SMOOTHIE
    Raspberry Smoothie
    PREP TIME :5 mins. t’s sugar free, dairy free, and vegan!
    Author: Tiffany
      • ½ – 1 cup coconut milk
      • 1 medium banana, peeled sliced and frozen
      • 2 tsp coconut extract (optional)
      • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  3. Get your free coffee or tea on your way to work 🙂
  4. Go to sites such as WoWcher or Groupon to get a nice restaurant deal or use an Entertainer app to find 2-4-1 deals in your area, so that you can enjoy the evening free of cooking 🙂 If you prefer to staying indoors order your favourite food using Deliveroo or try HungryHouse 🙂
  5. Check the latest entertainment deals form if you fancy staying out or simply buy a great movie/book for the evening (you can earn money towards apps or books from Google –> simply download ‘Google Opinion Rewards’, do surveys and earn money 🙂 )
  6. Think ahead and book yourself a cleaner to have free cleaning for the coming weekend. Type your email address here:
  7. Get amazing 3 dinners for two (or more) from £9.99 on Gousto using my referral discount code: MARTY43524 (enter it at the checkout to activate the discount).

Have a sense of achievement on 18th and during the following weekend. Spoil yourself and Blue Monday will pass by quicker than you think  🙂


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