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Waitrose shopping deals & tricks to save you money on groceries

I love Waitrose and shop there whenever I get their generous shopping vouchers. As they offer £8 off shopping of £40 which is 20% off the shopping. To save money at Waitrose you need.

Waitrose shopping tricks

  1. Get a free ‘MyWaitrose‘ card if you haven’t already, to benefit from:
  • a free cup of tea or coffee every time you shop
  • shopping offers for you*
  • 20% off at the fresh fish counter on a Friday
  • 20% off Steaks at the meat counter every Saturday
  • free Waitrose Magazine and a free Waitrose Garden Magazine in-store
  • selected newspaper for free, if you spend over £10 (the cost of the newspaper comes off the rest of your shopping)
  • 10% off at the Waitrose Cookery School
  • 5% off in-store dry cleaning.

*Visit Waitrose website & choose 10 amendable (you can change your picks up to 10 times a month.) items you would like 20% off each time you shop. There is a nice app which you can download to look at and change your offers on the go alternatively log into your myWaitrose account and click on ‘Make your picks’. If you change your offers 10x a month you could save 20% on 100 items in that month…

*** Waitrose closed down Pick Your Own Offers as of 28-02-2018 –> from that day Waitrose will pick your deals for you, based on data collected from your past shops when you swiped your myWaitrose card. So be careful when you do swipe it…

My Offers waitrose

What are the biggest savings possible in one shop?

Most expensive items on offer waitrose

Almost £20.50 if you bought the 10 most expensive items from the picture above.

  1. Google printable Waitrose vouchers – Martin Lewis update them regularly.
  2. Check Waitrose offers on MySupermarket. Do you need any of those items? Could you buy more and stock up?
  1. Use MySupermarket to determine if Waitrose offers are really as good as elsewhere. Many times supermarkets exaggerate the offers.
  2. Use various apps to get cashback or better to get some product cheaper or for free:
  • GreenJinn app – it has offers for Waitrose, Tesco  and Sainsbury’s. After every shop I check if I bought products which are currently on cashback offer in the app, sometimes I check if there is anything I may need before I shops so that I can adjust my shopping list if possible…
  • CheckoutSmart – the same principle as on GreenJinn – a simple cashback app
  • Shopmium – my fav app for shopping – it offers certain products to be for free or heavily discounted – often at Waitrose.
  1. Look for yellow stickers – in my local Waitrose there is quite a lot of them throughout the day but obviously there should be more of them before closing time.
  2. Use promo codes on first 5 online shoppings. Get £20 off five separate shops over £80  when you enter the correct code at the checkout. They are regularly posted at : https://www.vouchercloud.com/waitrose-vouchers
  1. Save on delivery

Waitrose is the only supermarket to offer free delivery for all delivery time slots – minimum spend is £60 otherwise you will be charged £5 to get your order delivered.

  1. Shop with the Partnership Credit Card

With the John Lewis & Waitrose Partnership Credit Card you can earn points exchanged later for  vouchers.When you use the credit card  to pay for your Waitrose shopping you earn one point for every £1 spent at John Lewis or Waitrose or for every £2 spent elsewhere.

  1. Get crazy at planning your grocery shopping

Go online and fill in your basket online for either online delivery or offline run through the shop, that way you will :

  • Check online what products are currently on their offer
  • Get your shopping quickly

I actually save my fav products to my favourites – to save time on buying the items I re-stock weekly:

Onlin shopping waitrose

Here I combined My picks with Waitrose offers and Waitrose voucher and spent on my weekly grocery shopping only £32.95 – not bad 🙂

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