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Sell My iPhone – Mobile Phone Recycling – What’s the Best Way

With iPhone 8 released in the UK on 22/09/2017 you may be tempted to upgrade your current iPhone…if that is the case you may get some money for your old phone to finance the purchase of iPhone 8. You can get your new iPhone 8 at these retailers:

-EE Mobile
-Carphone Warehouse
-Three Mobile
-Sky Mobile

before you do so check your cashback offers as at the moment Sky Mobile offers up to £105 and EE Mobile  £93 for some of the iPhone 8 purchases. If you decide to sell your old phone here are some ideas how to do it:

What’s The Best Way to Sell Your iPhone?

You can’t get your head off this new iPhone 8 during the day and when you are asleep. You can’t wait to acquire it, and yes, I understand the thrill. But wait have you considered what you are going to do with your old iPhone? Obviously, you will have to get rid of it to make way for your gadget of obsession. It is witty to dispose it at a profit and the money you fetch can be a contribution towards your new iPhone 8. Before you do away with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, you need to make sure you go through the process just right. Some tips to consider while selling your iPhone include:

1. Advertising it

You will need to create an advertising profile of what you are selling. Now, to begin with, clean your iPhone and inspect it for any wear and tear since you will need to inform your potential buyers of the condition of your product with honesty. It is advisable to remove stickers and residues with which you had customised your phone. When you have it in good shape, you may now take a clear picture of it with a camera of a friend’s phone. Ensure you take the best shot possible, remember the first impression communicates volumes. It will determine whether potential buyers will scroll down or open your advertisement. When giving a description, compound a short, truthful and appealing piece. Remember sales and marketing are as much how you present it as what it is. Appeal to your potential buyers by keeping your description simple and classy. Do not forget to reset the factory settings on the phone as it should wipe out all your personal content and all of the apps your downloaded on it.

2.Estimating your iPhone selling cost

You want to ensure you get the best offer for your iPhone 6 and at the same time, sell it off as quickly as possible so that you don’t miss your dream phone deal. At the same time, you want to give your buyer an agreement that is fair to their money. Therefore, it is time to rethink pricing. Conduct some research on the average price of your used iPhone, of course, and you want to match your competitor’s price. Online selling sites will provide you with this information. Match the quality of your phone to a price, examine the extent of the defects and decide whether you will set your price higher or lower. Remember you want to get rid of this iPhone at the best price ever! Give your potential buyers a price they can’t resist.

Recycle mobile phone - sell my iPhone

3.Where do you advertise?

There are effective online platforms for this kind of sales. You could do some research on the best sites to use to promote your iPhone. Some options include eBay, swappa.com, Gumtree, Music Magpie, Facebook Marketplace, Apple trade up program and trade-ins like Gazelle and Nextworth. When choosing any of the options, you may need to get acquainted first with the risks involved. Some sites may be risky to do business with, and you will need to be aware of the nature of the risk you are taking. On the other hand, some sites will charge you a pretty penny for darting with them. eBay, for example, charges a considerable share of the price of your smartphone. Some sites like swappa.com vary their fee depending on the price that you set for your product. When setting prices, you need to remember to factor in whether or not you will be covering shipping cost or your buyer will.

4. Trade-ins

Before you sell your iPhone 6, check if your cell phone carrier has ongoing promotional deals. If so, then you may prefer to trade in your old phone if they are offering fair deals since they save you all the hustle for having to sell it yourself. Whatever platform you choose you may need to consider your security and an assurance of getting paid. If working with craigslist, for example, you may take into account meeting in public places and remember to transact with cash only! You don’t want to experience chargebacks on PayPal or other scam deals and end up losing your phone.

Selling your iPhone to make way for a new one shouldn’t be much of a hassle if you know what to do. Get a favourable price for your Apple device, then advertise it to get potential buyers. You may also consider trade-ins if they are available.

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