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7 Money Saving Ideas To Help You Survive on an Entry Level Salary

Being in a low-paid job means that often you really struggle to live your life to the fullest. I have been there when I fist came to the UK and was earning as little as £13k.

However thanks to the Internet and many wonderful websites you can get to know about many money saving deals, offers and clever ways to save money so that you and your family can get by and end up better off.

Here are my 7 top six tips helping you save when you are on an entry level wage  (video + copy below)

1. Monitor your household bills and ensure you haggle your bills price
As crazy as it sounds haggling your bills price should be a part of your bill review routine. Many companies don’t want to lose you as their customer hence when you call them and explain that you are just about to leave them in favour of their competitor they will be happy to offer you some sort of ‘deal’.
Ensure that what they have got to offer you is actually as good as the deal of their competitors if not better before you call them and decide to negotiate new conditions for your current  or expiring contracts.
***I managed to get a free mobile phone allowance from my broadband provider – which saved me about £90 per year.
Not necessarily astronomical savings but if I manage to save a similar amount of money a few more times a year my summer holidays will be paid effortlessly.
2. Move to the city where you work if you haven’t yet or ideally as close to work as you can if possible
Walking or cycling can save you a lot of money, while keeping you fit at the same time. If you or your partner cant live close to work learn how to ride a scooter or motorbike, spending around £15/month on a small scooter/motorbike petrol will save you a significant amount of money.
*** I am happy not to have to work in central London anymore and not to spend thousands on tube as I swapped TFL for a motorbike and my monthly commute cost me as little as £30 per month now, even when we include the annual insurance fee it is still just £60 per month in total and the joy which riding gives me is quite priceless 🙂
3. Cut down on your food and drinks spent when planning meals and buying necessary products
Planning meals is similarly important to having a budget plan as it allows us to optimise grocery spend. Furthermore when on a tight budget preparing meals at home is an important money saving activity. You can get some inexpensive food that can help you stretch your budget (e.g. potatoes, lentil, eggs, beans). Browse Internet for cheap and healthy recipes to plan your meals for the whole week and build up your shopping list. Create a shopping and cooking routine once you have found delicious dishes you want to cook more often.
***I remember there was a time during which I had just ‘baked beans’ for my lunch at work, thankfully Heinz offers some variety, so I had never started hating it:-)
4. Use websites which offer freebies and samples
You would be surprised how many great things you can get absolutely for FREE – you just need to use the RIGHT sites 🙂 When you have found great stuff offline always check their price online – again many items starting from grocery through clothing and anything else is usually cheaper online. My fav ones are : Latest Free Stuff and Latest Deals.
5. Collect cashback when buying online & offline
I use sites such as TopCashBack, Quidco ad Kidstart. I also use Card Yard to get some voucher cards cheaper to save additional few pounds when shopping online or offline.
6. Use money saving apps
My favourite moneys saving apps include: Shopmium, Entertainer, GreenJinn
7. Work Part time
If you have a little bit of free time you may consider earning some additional income through some part-time jobs such as:
– child minding
– cleaning
– freelancing (translating, proofreading, becoming a virtual assistant- use sites such as Task Rabbit to find these opportunities)
– reselling (starting simply from de-cluttering your house when selling unwanted goods on eBay)
– dog walking/dog boarding (use sites such as Tailster.com)
*** I was translating from Polish to English and vice versa for companies found on oDesk.
How to survive on an entry level salary

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