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TopCashBack Autumn Trick or Treat Giveaway -Answers & Clues 2019💰

This is a post from 2019 but a fresh one is available here

Today on 21/10/2019 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Trick or Trweatr giveaway! This time its Halloween Treats 🙂

Can you guess what today’s top clue is? Find the hummingbird & pick up some student treats for a chance to win £1,000! Good luck TopCashbackers!

Every day they will present us with autumn TCB clues for you to guess the retailer mentioned in the clue. Once you know what retailer is trading you need to find that retailer to get the TCB Hummingbird flying in (from the top or middle left of your screen). 

Click on the Hummingbird and you get a chance to win a treat! There are many instant win cash prizes up to £100, and a fantastic £1,000 mega cash prize for one lucky winner. Hurry up as the giveaway lasts for the next 10 days!  I’ll post a daily answer for you so you can get the prize when you struggle with the daily clues yourself 🙂 Check my blog daily and share your answers in the comments 🙂

TopCashback Autumn Treats Cashback Giveawa

Daily Clues & TopCashback Autumn Trick o Treat 2019 Treats Answers:
Day 1 – 21/10/2019 – Wickes

Dasy 2 – 22/10/2019-SSE – 1 PDE

Day 3 – 23/10/2019- Etsy – 1 zombie hand

Day 4- 24/10/2019- Gaden of Life – PDE

Day 5 – 25/10/2019 –Swizzels – 1 x broomstick

Day 6 – 26/10/2019- Tassimo UK – 1 x cauldron

Day 7 – 27/10/2019- Nike– 1x pumpkin

Day 8 – 28/10/2019- Exante Diet – 1 PDE

Day 9- 29/10/2019- Tastecard – 1PDE

Day 10 – 30/10/2019- SSE Home Service – 1 zombie hand

Day 11 – 31/10/2019- Hollands and Barrett – 1x PDE

TCB Autumn Treats Giveaway Tips:

1. Check which retailers appear in the TCB main banner or are trending now to get some more  ideas for potential clues and answers:

Trending Now TCB for clues

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