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Unwanted Christmas Gifts – Turn them into Cash?

Perhaps the gifts you’ll get for Christmas that you aren’t particularly keen on aren’t top of your list of festive things to consider right now, but every year, thousands of unwanted Christmas gifts are simply thrown into landfill. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but there is some quick cash to be made by flogging those unwanted gifts online.

So you’ve got that unwanted Christmas gifts , but you’re unsure what to do with it?

Sell your unwanted Xmas gifts online






  • Donate it to charity

Charities need contributions all year round, and donating unused Christmas gifts that can be resold is a great way to help out those in need!

  • Re-gifting

Just because you don’t want a gift someone has given you, doesn’t mean it won’t be unwanted by everyone! Collect those unwanted gifts and you’ll never be short of a present for the next kids’ birthday party or be caught out if you forget to buy a gift for a distant relative!

  • Upcycling and Recycling

If all else fails, recycle your unwanted gift rather than letting it go to landfill! Better still, give it a new lease of life and upcycle it into something new allowing you to give someone a completely unique gift!

Christmas is arguably the time of year which causes most financial strain. Buying (unusual) gifts for friends and loved ones often comes with a huge price tag, and after Christmas, many of us can be left feeling the monetary burden.

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Image: Sam Scholes

A great way to combat this pressure is to SELL those unwanted Christmas gifts! Preloved, The UK’s Most Trusted Marketplace, provide a great platform to sell your unwanted gifts on after the Christmas. It’s incredibly easy to join the website and create a website. Be sure to put ‘unwanted gift’ in the title of your advert so that it can easily be found by other users! There’s also a ‘swap’ function on the site too, meaning you can trade your gift for something you might actually want!

Guest post from Adele Gardner – a creative writer for Preloved.

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