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What is the best fitness tracker to get this Black Friday in the UK-2019

UPDATE – Jan 2020- Many of the mentioned below are heavily discounted on if you have health insurance from Vitality. For example my Garmin vivomove HR is 30% cheaper if bought from Garmin shop using Vitality membership nr.

I became a bit more obsessed with my own health since someone I love got sick…Only then you stop and realise that truly there is such a thing you can’t buy with Mastercard…
As I have been undergoing a lot of stress I realised it is high time to get a fitness tracker which will work not only as a watch but will also measure my activity, blood pressure so stress levels and potentially sleeping patterns.
As Black Friday is approaching us quickly as this year it is on 29th of November 2019 it is a good time to track some of the most popular fitness trackers prices.
Objective: to find a good women fitness tracker which will record as many useful metrics as possible and will be overall good (battery life, accuracy) plus will work as a watch so 2 in 1 🙂
I will be checking prices on Amazon but often there are other cheaper sites to get the fitness trackers. Check my old post to see a summary of my Amazon shopping experience on Blacak Friday and after it.
From now on so 14/11/19 I will daily update the prices of the most popular fitness trackers such as: Fitbit, Samsung, Huawei & Garmin. I am looking at mid-range to high-end fitness tracker as I am of an opinion that the more advanced and quality the tracker is the better and the longer it may serve me. As they say ‘ you get what you pay for’ hence that is the deciding criteria for the below chosen to compare fitness trackers:
Fitbit Charge 3:
Pros: Good screen & more stylish than its previous model. Long battery life. Better heart rate and SpO2 sensors than Charge 2. Water-resistant so good for swimming. Secure payments on Special Edition.
Cons: Swipe interface clumsy at times. Proprietary charger. No GPS – you need to use your phone for that
Overall: The Fitbit Charge 3 has plenty of small updates compared to Charge 2 to make it one of the best everyday fitness trackers you can buy. It’s far cheaper than many smartwatches ( most of them are at around £200) yet offers the package you get from a vast array of them, however, Charge 3 is not a watch so that lack of practical functionality is something I am missing here. But that’s me I want my fitness tracker to be as practical as possible hence want also a watch function.
Amazon UK price on 14/11/19:
Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition: £88.61, today on 22/11 its price is £87.97 
Fitbit Charge 3 : £98.99 from £129.99 on todays DEAL day – 20/11/19 its STILL for £98.99…on 22/11- £74.99 
Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition: £108.99 from £149.99 today on 22.11- £99.99
I have Huawei’s phone hence included Hauwei fitness trackers in my comparison.
As we see there is quite a few to choose from:
HUAWEI Band 3 Pro – £49 from £79.99- the bets Hauwei budget tracker I d say as it collects quite a few nice measurements yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…
Pros: budget price, apparently better than Fitbit (check amazon reviews), waterproof, tracks swimming, easy to use, warn you about time or km according to what you set, good battery life, light to wear. Great value for money.
Cons: Requires a connector for USB charging, poor strap,  it shows the calories spent on exercises & walks not total calories burnt in that day.
Overall: It does nearly everything you would want in a tracker for a great price. The best ‘value’ tracker you can get

HUAWEI Watch GT Active – £136 from £199.99 – looks quite masculine plus I read the watch is ace but the app is not and hence one has a lot of inaccuracies. Today on 22/11 it costs £113.01
HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch – £190.51 from £279.99 (W2 Bluetooth)-  looks quite masculine so I am not gonna analyse it again..On 19/11/19 its price increased to £194.62…on 22/11- £184.98, today on 28.11.19 its price is £159.99
HUAWEI Watch GT – £129 from £199.99 – I am not going to either analyse it or track its price as the watch is rather heavy and massive on hand I read so defo not something I am looking for. On 19/11/19 its price was £126 🙂 Today on 22/11- its price is only £99!
I started to analyse Garmin Vivoactive 3  – £146.99 from £279.99 but if I was to get it I d got for the version offering music upload, sadly it’s not sold by Amazon but their 3rd party sellers for about £205…The white one sold by Amazon is for £139 on 22.11 and £137..99 on 28.11. Argos still sells ist for £179.99 the cheaper yet not worse option is Garmin vivomove HR and its price starts on Amazon from £127.99 from £169.99 – I quite like it as it measures a lot including stress level. Actually both of them are not very similar as per this article: //www.fitrated.com/garmin-vivoactive-3-vs-vivomove-hr/
As a woman, I’d go for stylish vivomove but it looks like vivoactive is better suited for fitness-obsessed…
Pros of Vivoactive 3: GPS (missing in vivomove), Garmin pay functionality (also missing in vivomove), up to 500 songs can be uploaded to it (yay). Furthermore, Vivoactive 3 includes 15 preloaded GPS apps for activities including yoga, running, swimming, and others ( again missing in vivomove).
Cons: price!
Overall: Both devices are water-resistant and both track steps, stairs, and reps, but the Vivoactive 3 is much more comprehensive when tracking anything fitness related.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – at £180.02 from £199.00 (the pink one) on Amazon now. Apparently it’s almost as good as Apple Watch…I found it the cheapest on eBay for £119.99. Amazon slashed iits price to £169 on 19/11/19. But I believe it may go down on Black Friday again 🙂 Today – 26.11 its price is 135.19 and on 28.11 its back at £149.89

Pros: accurate step count, comfortable to wear, waterproof to 50m, wireless charging pad, Samsung Pay(check if it’s compatible with your bank). Light and includes music functions over Bluetooth.
Cons: apparently slightly worse battery life than Huawei GT and Amazfit Bip.
Overall: It is a killer watch that Android users have been waiting for, with a classic look that Apple watch users want, small, light, powerful and a good price. What is not to like?
Having written this post I have a hard time to decide if to go for Hauwei Brand 3 Pro, Garmin Vivoactive 3 or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Huawei is a contender due to the fact that I have a phone from that brand and love it so it could sync nicely. Furthermore, its price is very nice. Garmin and Samsung are both very good brands though – probably better than Hauwei…Plus I am wondering if Samsung could be a good idea in terms of it being lightweight and not to feel on the wrist- I hate all watches as I ride a motorcycle, so most of them feel as an ‘obstacle’ when I wear my gear and gloves and I really dont like the sticky feeling on my wrist when the watch is closely ‘glued’ to it…

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