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When to visit Marks&Spencer to get the most out of it?

Today post is a courtesy of my dear friend – Mr Edward Walker – a person whom I look up to on many occasions as his wisdom, knowledge and experience can not be overestimated. Edward and I, we have known each other for almost a decade (!) and benefit from sharing our life experiences and choices. He kindly agreed to describe one of his shopping trips to M&S, so I am now delighted to share his findings with you.
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While many people automatically associate Marks and Spencer with higher quality and consequently more expensive food products, there are comparatively few people who realise that it is easy to purchase some of these excellent food products at reduced and often greatly reduced prices simply by choosing the right time of day to shop there. Let me explain.
 The best time to shop at M&S
Firstly, at whatever time of day you go food shopping at M&S, you will generally find mix-and-match, ‘3 for £10’ offers available. In this example I chose three packs of Aberdeen Angus mince selling individually for £4.25, a saving of £2.75. I could have chosen a combination of bacon and/or pork, but the greatest saving here was with the mince, which also best fitted my requirements: one pack for immediate use to make a delicious ragú, and the other two into the freezer for similar use at a later date. It is worth pointing out here that the great merit of M&S food, as well as its quality, is its consistency. If you find something you like, then you can buy it again later knowing that it will taste the same. It is worth pointing out too that Aberdeen Angus are premium beef cattle which produce only the finest quality meat: cheaper, lower quality meat comes from crossbred beef-dairy cattle and the lowest quality of all from dairy cows once their, sometimes wretched, milk producing days are over.
Angus Beef Minced Meat
 Scottish salmon steaks and small whole chickens are another worthwhile ‘3 for £10’ combination to look out for. So while lower cost does not always represent better value, I feel that in the above examples it most certainly does.
 If your local M&S branch does not open on Sundays, then Saturday afternoons are the best time to pick up some food bargains. If you are prepared to take a chance and fancy something tasty for your evening meal, pop into the food hall about an hour before closing time to find short dated or perishable items reduced for a second time. So something which originally cost £3.50 ends up costing £0.90, as with these delicious Basil and Garlic Marinated Olives.
 Basil and garlic olives
Or this Marinated Italian Mozzarella, down from £3.25 to a final reduction of £0.85 via an earlier-in-the-afternoon reduction to £2.15.
Reduced M&S Mozarella
Or this Borlotti, Flageolet and Black Bean Salad down to £0.80.
 Black Bean Salad
 Or this Moroccan Style Houmous down to £0.40
 Cheaper Moroccan Style Homous
Likewise these Handcrafted Stuffed Vine Leaves, down from £3.25 originally to a final reduction of £0.85.
 Stuffed Vine Leaves
Some items may not be massively reduced, but are worth buying with even a slight reduction because they promise a tasty, quickly prepared and quality meal – such as these Baby Jersey Royal Potatoes at only £0.80 with these meaty, fennel and cayenne spiced sausages at £2.25.

Baby PotatoesItalian Style Sausage

However, this twice reduced bag of Baby Leaf Rocket Salad, down from £2.00 to only £0.20, to accompany the sausage and potato, more than adequately compensated!
Baby Leaf Rocket Salad
Sometimes though, two or more healthy and delicious meals can be bought at substantial savings, such as this twin pack of Scottish Rainbow Trout Fillets, with three substantial fillets in each pack. Perhaps if I had waited longer it might have been reduced even further, but it was not a chance I was willing to take.
 Trout fillets
A reduced price is also a good way to try out something new. These Wasabi Peas at only £0.65 were worth a try, and in fact they are delicious if you like hot and peppery snacks. So next time I will know they are worth buying even at full price.
 Wasabi Peas
In a country where good bread is the exception rather than the rule, I find M&S bread a satisfactory compromise. It is possible to find sourdough, German rye and other types at their fresh bread counter. But their wrapped bread is quite satisfactory too and I often buy various sliced wholemeal and multi-seeded types whenever I see it reduced. I then keep this in the freezer ready to take out a couple of slices to pop in the toaster for a ready meal of scrambled eggs, sardines or tomatoes on toast. Incidentally, M&S tinned sardines and fish in general are excellent, as are their organic eggs and tomatoes – all of which I have found on offer or at a reduced price too.
Two final recommendations for M&S:  firstly the actual location of their branches, in the town centre, on the High Street, or else near or even on a railway station; and secondly the compact size of their food halls and the limited range of foods on display compared with the big supermarkets. These features almost invite you to pop in and take a quick look round for genuine food bargains. So happy bargain hunting and bon appétit!

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