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ASDA Shopping tips-10 fabulous Asda’s tricks you should know

*Some of these tips can be down to the individual store but always worth checking hence all collated for you below.

1. Have Asda Overcharged you?

If the price you pay at the till is higher than the shelf price  Asda have to refund the difference + give you a £2 gift card per item. That comes directly from their site.

2. Out Of Date Products

You can get £10 store credit (as a gift card) if you find an out of date product. They will pay you to keep you satisfied & to  avoid being fined by trading standards for selling out of date food.

ASDA shopping tips and tricks

3. Incomplete BOGOF offers

Get ASDA Smiley Vouchers to benefit from BOGOF offers if you do not seem to find more than 1 product on the shelves or for any special offer that sold out. They’re vouchers carried around by ASDAs staff on the shop floor, given to you when the shopping deal you saw is out of stock, or when you need an item that’s not in stock but have gone for a more expensive version. For example they run out of smart price ketchup and you have to get Hellmans now, so you will only pay the same as the smart price ones!

4. Don’t like ‘Try me, love me’?

Not a problem. You can get Asda brand products refunds even  if you are not 100% happy with it even if you just say you didn’t it. Just take the packaging back to ASDA.

5. Asda Refusing to Accept Your Coupons?

As per Asda’s coupon policy they accept ALL coupons including printed Internet coupons. If however your coupons won’t get accepted, even after showing the printed ASDA coupon policy, you should phone Asda head office. Explaining how much the shop staff upset can help you get gift cards as a gesture of goodwill.

6. Bringing the cost of your supermarket spend down

Download cashback apps such Checkoutsmart or Shopmium to get some more £££ savings on your grocery shopping at ASDA.

7. APG – Asda Price Guarantee – you can get money back should your grocery at ASDA be 10% more expensive than Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose. Steps on how to do so – shared here.

8. Wombling – you can enhance your APG money refund by looking for other people’s discarded ASDA receipts – often they leave them in trolleys or on ASDA car park. You can check the APG from them

9. Check glitches Latest Deals or Hot Deals

10. Get Friendly With Discount Staff

Always shop just before closing time and get friendly with the staff to get some food from the yellow sticker corner 🙂

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