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5 Reasons why you should start match betting in August 2017

1GBP trial Matched betting

As you may remember I started matched betting exactly a year ago. During that period I tried various betting sites. In my today post I would like to share with you my observations.

  Let’s have a recup and remind ourselves what is match betting?Every bookmaker offers FREE bets and bonuses to attract new customers and to keep their existing clientele. Matched betting happens when you place a low value bet to qualify for the FREE money and turn this FREE bet(s)into real cash. The below video explain it pretty well:

I dont know anything about football, tennis etc. can I do match betting?

That is not a problem as I dont know much either. Matched betting is not about supporting the team which is strongest or you are a fan of. It is pretty much about finding good pairs of bookies/exchange bets as per those listed in the tool used on the match betting site of your choice.

There are many match betting sites out there which is the best?

That is a tough question. Probably it is based on luck i.e googling or personal preference. I started with Profit Accumulator but I didn’t like it, so switched to Matched Bets which is one of the cheapest sites from those with paid memberships.

Can’t decide see this quick comparison of match betting sites:

  MatchedBets Oddsmonkey Profit Accumulator
Monthly fee £14 £15 £22.99
Annual fee £99 £150 £150
Free Trial (offers/free bet value) 3/£50 2/£30 2/£50
Mobile Optimised Yes No No
Odds matcher (UK licensed bookmakers) 54 53 44
Odds matcher (exchanges) 4 4 4
Data refresh Instant auto Manual Manual
Calculator (bonus types) 7 1 1
Bet tracking Yes No No
Odds matching extras:
Acca matching Yes Inc £15.99/£130
Offer matching No Inc £15.99/£130
Dutch search No Inc No
Text guides Extensive Extensive Extensive
Video guides Extensive Trial only Extensive
Live chat Yes No No
Forum Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes

Why start now?

With the Championship kicking off on the 4th August and the Premiership on the 11th, this is a perfect time to try match betting. Furthermore my favourite site MatchedBets – which I have been using to do matched betting is offering a £1 weekly membership*. For £1 you will get a FULL access  to the site, all of the offers and all of the matched betting tools. So why not to sign up on 4/08 and try it for a week to make a decision if you like it and need a monthly or annually membership?

Why I love Matched Bets and you should too?

 MatchedBets differentiates itself by offering mobile optimised tools that give more freedom to its subscribers, as they can do offers almost anywhere they have a good signal.
 The Odds Matcher and calculator update odds and exchange availability in real time which can save the user valuable time when reaching the exchange to lay.

The Betracker is a unique tool that provides a full history of matched betting activity and automatic update of profits. It allows members to keep track of progress from start to finish of an offer which is useful when doing multiple offers and waiting for free bets to be allocated. ACCA tool makes it easier and more profitable for customers to use accumulators in matched betting.

 Pricing is competitive and with 3 offers available and now a FREE weekly membership for just £1, MatchedBets allows users more opportunities to see, first-hand how matched betting works.

*August 2017 offer details :

£1 for FULL premium access to MatchedBets.com

Running from 1st August – midnight 15th August 2017

 5 Reasons to match bet in August 2017

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