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LED lights saved me £200 per year – Autumn Money Saving Tips

People across the UK are constantly looking for new money saving tips and ideas – whether that’s using:

  • discount codes  or money saving apps when shopping,
  • changing their household suppliers/ utility provider / when installing money saving gadgets
  • or simply cutting back on expensive products or treats.

If you’re a homeowner, a landlord or  business owner, and looking at ways to reduce your monthly outgoings, one of the easiest ways to do this is to convert your lighting to LEDs.

There are numerous reasons to why, and how LED lights can save you money.

Find out why many homes and businesses are making the switch…

How to save on electricity
How to save on electricity

1. Energy Efficient

All LEDs are energy efficient, they are produced to consume less energy than other fluorescent bulbs. It’s been proven that an incandescent bulb wastes up to 80% of its energy on heat, leaving it with only 20% of the energy left for the light. Whilst LED lights run on 10-20% of the power that’s needed to incandescent bulbs and using only 20% of its energy on heat.

Despite not using as much energy, they will provide a stronger light, which will reduce the need for additional lighting within a room. According to studies, lighting accounts for a massive 18% of the average home electricity bill. The Energy Saving Trust believe that it’s a great time to buy energy efficient bulbs ‘with prices plummeting and quality improving’ as they can save you quite a lot of money.

2. Long Lasting

In comparison to other light bulbs, LED lights are designed to last longer. Impressively, they can be on for over 100,000 hours which amounts to around 11 years.  On average, they will last 20 times longer than a normal incandescent bulb, reducing the need to frequently purchase another one.

We know LED lights are slightly more pricey to buy but that’s simply because the chip inside the bulb is usually made of silicon carbide and that’s quite expensive which increases the cost, but stops them from burning out.

3.How much can it save?

A study that was carried out by Which showed that through using an LED bulb, customers can save around £7.50 per bulb, per year.  So if you have 8 incandescent lights throughout your home, and you change these to LEDs,  it could save you up to £60 a year. The Telegraph also agreed that if lighting is being used for long periods of times, that making the switch to these bulbs will save money for both homes and businesses alike.

4.How else can I reduce my Lighting cost?

Once you’ve made the change to LED lights, there are still a few easy ways that you can reduce costs even further. Begin by making small changes like considering how many lights around your home or work are necessary to have on, turn lights off every time you leave a room and have a light switch timer so you can turn outside lights on as and when they need to be on.  

If you’re considering making the change to LED lighting, there are numerous styles that are available to choose from to suit homes and businesses.  I ordered my LED GU10 bulbs from them today and can say that having done research they sell them at the reduced price of £1.99 (regular price £2.50) and I got 8.4% off the purchase thanks to getting cashback from TopCasback.

Check below how much I will save over the next 3 years having replaced all my traditional bulbs for LED ones and calculate how much you will save when switching to LEDs when heading to : https://www.lightrabbit.co.uk/calculate-saving

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