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How to switch energy supplier – Step by Step

I am fed up with my current gas and electricity provider: First Utility. They used to be good and I suppose in many respects still are…

But they didn’t show up twice when I was exchanging my smart meter (ok they reimbursed me for that but it was an inconvenience)n and they didn’t show up when I was ready to change my gas meter…and the last time when the engineer showed up he said he needs to replace the electricity meter as well (that’s crazy as it was replaced in 2016) and because myself and my neighbour and I share the same fuses box they won’t be able to do a thing until they know my neighbours are in and happy with that – of course they were not in…grrr!)

Also, more importantly, my current tariff expires by 30/09 and the new tariffs are not really cheaper than those the competitors offer.

So how will I go on about changing the energy and gas supplier?

How to find a new utility supplier

    1. Use deals comparison sites – use a few – these sites sometimes do not cover all deals – my cross check state that…Go to My Energy Club- as I set up my details and have been using this site to monitor energy prices for a while all I need to do is to refresh my deals- if you are new to the site all you need to do is to fill in your usage details and info about your property to have the prices tracked.Cheap Energy Club
    2. The site brings up my current deal expiring by the end – as you can see the gas price varies significantly between now and in the future plan if I was to stay with First Utility (the same goes for electricity price):My tariff
    3.  and suggestions of the new better deals:New tariff Deals

As you can see the first one is the cheapest, but I do not know Outfox The Market. Having checked their unit rates (click on ‘tariff information’ their electricity unit price and standing price are huge…but they do have cheaper gas and no standing charge for it so if you use loads of gas that one may be really worth it for you) I think they may be alright but they have mixed reviews so I am going to stay away…

Ok, the 2nd PURE PLANET looks really good as they offer a quite good deal and their energy is renewable so its a win-win situation IMHO 🙂


Now I do not trust just one site so I did compare the prices using also GoCompare and uSwitch:

GoCompare utility comparisonand uSwitch:

uSwitch utility comparison

As you can see the results vary slightly so having checked the best ones from those sites I decided to go for the PURE PLANET, why?

  1. They are the second best recommendation from Cheap Energy Club – I am not comfortable with the first one, having checked the reviews on MSE
  2. They are the second best recommendation from GoCompare – again I am not happy with their first result as that company has way too many BAD reviews on Trustpilot…
  3. uSwitch results show above are actually really disappointing as the suppliers are not offering as good deals as the deals found on Cheap Energy Club or GoCompare so I Am simply discarding them – of course after checking the first two companies deals and unit prices for each of the fuel…

Off we go to Pure Planet – I can’t wait to use their app (that supplier is app only yay – how futuristic) and to be able to know that using the energy and gas we are environmentally friendly as its a green energy provider. If all goes smoothly I shall be with them in between 17-23 days 🙂Pure Planet

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  1. Great advice Martyna. I pretty much did exactly the same thing as you, the cheapest company had awful reviews, but I actually phoned them still thinking about changing, and they told me the prices listed where out of date anyway! So Pure Planet where the cheapest and I switched to them myself. Green energy at cheap prices and no call centers, love them. I think if you find a good company makes sure you write a review for them as well as read them, it helps everyone.

    Thanks again,