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The best and cheapest ways to watch the new Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 6 is starting tomorrow on SKY Atlantic yay! Both SKY Atlantic and HBO will streamline the first episode at 2am and 9pm respectively so UK fans wont miss a thing .

Game of Thrones season 6 for free

If you really want to watch it but don’t have SKY TV there are a few ways you can do it when online and they actually are not expensive 🙂

QUCIK WAY – but NO DISCOUNT – 2 mins sign up – £13.99!

  • Get Sky’s NOW TV- Entertainment package for free for 14 days trial or for the 3 months starting from just £13.99, for £17.99 for 4 months or for £24.99 for 6 months and after that for £6.99 per month. Majority of their programmes are available for 30 days on Catch Up.In order to watch all 10 episodes of GoT you will need to sign up for 3 months, therefore with the introductory offer it will cost you £13.99 saving you 40% of a regular NowTV subscription cost.

FLATSHARE Every Little Help – 2 mins sign up  x each of your mates – £0!

  • If you live in a huge flatshare or have a few email addresses at disposal you can watch it for free but you need to be rather well organised, so you do not go past you free trial expiration date and wont end up paying for each of them 😉

CASHBACK User – great SAVING worth spending 1-5 mins more to get it- £6.64!

  • Before you buy the above package ensure you go on TopCashBack site to get £7.35 off the purchase , but hurry up this offer is exclusive and end today!Once you get the discount 3 months of NowTV will ultimately cos you only £6.64, a true bargain so again HURRY UP.

Non CASBBACK User – FRIEND referral link – £10.47!

  • If you are not cash back fan (not sure how it could be possible but if you do not want to use cash back service) try to use this link for a friend referral discount of 50% which is £3.49 per month so £10.47 for the whole three months. Unfortunately it is not possible to use both the friends referral and the cashback offer in conjunction.So again I would urge you to register on the cashback site in order to earn the money while spending it on NowTV and not only. Read more about cashback sites and the way they work in my old post on the subject.

TRICK THE TIME with FREE TRIAL – most time consuming yet £0 again for those who don’t live in a  big flatshare 😉 and don’t mind waiting with starting watching the latest series a bit later !

  • If you are ‘creative’ and well organised again you can sign up for the 14 days trial around 21st -22nd of May(that is the last weekend you will be able to watch the first episode on NowTV Catch Up & the two episodes, which will be streamlined within the trial period). All you would need later is another free trial towards the end of June to cover another four unwatched episodes, or a paid one month subscription worth £6.99. Sign up for a month now and you’ll be covered for the first nine episodes. Whichever way you decide to go for do not forget to cancel the trial(s)/subscription afterwards. I advise you set yourself a reminder in your mobile phone calendar a few days ahead of expiration day and on that very day!

In meantime use the Spotify to guess your GoT character from your music taste 🙂

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