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How to sell clothes online for cash?

I am sure I am not the only one thinking I have way too many clothes in my wardrobe. Actually being totally honest I probably do not but as I follow the KISS rule (keep it stupidly simple) I wear almost the same clothes all week long and only vary my look at some weekends…There are a few reasons for my minimalistic attitude towards my own wardrobe, those are:

  • riding a motorcycle daily (that’s how I commute to/from work) strips you out of the necessity of dolling myself up as it simply becomes counter-productive 😉
  • it’s cool to have the ‘uniformed’ look which saves you time on debating ‘what to wear tomorrow’ – you know it when you follow Zuckerberg’s of Jobs style –> 5x T-shirt + jeans type of look
  • lately, coronavirus removed the need of swapping PJs for clothes– just kidding but I am sure we all had at least 1 day in PJs when working from home as no one saw us and it was comfy, no?

Having spoken to my friend Sara* Ibrahim- a fashion stylist from London pandemic and lockdown made many people realise how little of their wardrobe they use. It’s roughly 20%, could you believe it? Bonkers, right?

I believe fashion should be sustainable & we should follow sustainable clothing companies..According to some researches, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, after the petroleum sector! 

If you are like most Britons and use a fracture of your wardrobe how about selling your unwanted or unworn clothes for cash?

The fashion industry calls it “re-commerce.”

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Some of the best places to sell your second-hand clothes online in the UK are:

eBay – a default option for buying or selling literally everything. The listing fee is 35p + 10% charge on all sales.

  • Vinted – not only buying and selling but also for swapping your clothes. No charges (buyers are charged a fee though).
  • PreLoved – ideal for large/heavy items but also to sell clothes locally. Its totally FREE, so good for newbies to try:-)
  • ASOS Marketplace – a popular selling platform for vintage clothes. Charges are £20 a month, 20% charge on all sales. As the fees are significant you can tell the site is dedicated for clothes sellers looking to establish their own clothing business (or who already own one).
  • Depop – for young & trendy fashion lovers. Depop charges 10% of each sale (plus PayPal fees). Instagram format of ads.
  • Rebelle  – designer second-hand fashion online. Charges: 17% – 33%, or €20, commission depending on the price of your item
  • Shpock – second-hand free classifieds ads in the United Kingdom. Free for buyers, Fees for sellers vary depending on the income, its anything between 0.50p to £10
  • Facebook Marketplace/ local groups – a super-easy way to sell anything. FREE so also a good one to try clothes reselling.
  • Clothes by the kilo – selling clothes by the kilo is not as economically viable as a great way to dispose quickly unworn old clothes!
  • How to sell your clothes online?

    Good marketing is key. Using keyword-rich headlines and enticing clicks description is crucial here. The description listing the size, colour and any other details will increase the chances for a quicker sale. Images from many angles are also crucial and aid sales.

    How to post clothes cheaper?

    Ensure that the small clothes can fit ‘large letter size’  (35cm x 25cm x 2.5cm). Most tops and dresses will easily go through that letterbox. The difference in parcel size maybe even a couple of pounds so it may lower your income if not thought through.

    How to make selling clothes online a profitable business?

    Selling clothes online may seem easy but it’s a good idea to find a niche worth pursuing. I know people who not only sell the excess of their own wardrobe but actually treasure or shall I say clothes – haunt the charity shops to sell it again online. Is that moral? I don’t know… I also know that some clothes when upstaged can be easily given a second life for a fraction of its original price.

    Do you struggle with your clothes shopping?

    If you realise that you have many unworn clothes to sell online maybe its also a good time to understand what has gone wrong at the time of buying your clothes? Do you know your body shape and know what types of clothing will suit best your figure? Do you have a sound fashion strategy or maybe you need one?

    To get the answers to some if not all the above follow me next week as I will interview Sara* online during a live webinar during which you can not only learn more but ask your questions 🙂 Stay tuned the date of the webinar will be announced soon.

    Little info about Sara

    Sara Ibrahim is a Personal Stylist and Fashion Consultant qualified at the London School of Styling and specialized in sustainable fashion at the Center for Sustainable Fashion. During our webinar, she will go through important tips about the value of a sustainable wardrobe and how to feel stylish without breaking the bank!

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