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Party Celebration Tips and Tricks to Save Money With

Whatever the reason for your celebration party, you want something special for them to share with family and friends. Not only is a cake a great idea, but there are other tips and treats that can save you money without it impacting on the enjoyment. Here we look at some tips and tricks that will help save money without impacting the fun a party can bring.   

It’s all about them

party ideas

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Those responsible for planning the party should always keep as the main focus on the person or people being celebrated. Extroverts will prefer a very different party to introverts for example, and there may be lovable quirks that you want to incorporate into the event to make the celebration both meaningful and memorable. I loved my wedding reception as I tried to make it more personalised to us with little notes, numbers with a special meaning to us and added to it not popular in Poland wedding speech 🙂

Therefore I believe that being unique and unafraid to break boundaries is a nice touch to any party. I love to get present ideas online. I believe I am a highly sensitive person and have friends who are also HSPs so I often check online what is that others think could make us ‘happy’.

However, if your quest is easier and let’s say you are looking for what to get your husband for your first anniversary list his hobbies and take ideas from there. If he likes cooking, invite a chef to lead a cookery class for you and your guests or have a mixologist onsite to serve some of your favourite cocktails. If he is a motorbike or car enthusiast get him some cool accessories.. I got my husband this jacket a few years ago and he loves it! He also likes RPG games so it’s so easy to surprise him with some quirky gifts that only Warhammer community understands 🙂

Share details of the event

When sending out invitations in advance of the party, remember to include all the information that guests need to know in advance. This includes the reason for the celebration, where it will take place and the date and times. To stop any confusion, add the dress code and what food will be available to guests.  You can save money by sending these invitations by email. Whilst you are considering food details, make signs for the day that describe the food and drinks on offer so that guests do not have to ask the host questions about each dish. Our wedding invitations were personalised so that those who want to have pictures of us could keep them 🙂 Now I am planning ‘themed invitations’ for Mikes’s big birthdays next year. When I want cheap yet creative invitations I create them myself using my calligraphy set 🙂

You need a budget

Whatever your budget, create a priority list of things you consider essential for the party and those things you would like but have less important should the budget be tight. For many people, food has the highest priority, particularly if people are traveling some distance to attend. I always pay attention to being eco friendly, having paper cutlery and tableware plus non-plastic straws is the way to go. TK Maxx usually has a great selection of ecologically friendly party accessories and on a budget 🙂

Choose a theme

Choose a theme that no one has to shop for. Themes add a special touch but should not require a lot of expense. Be aware that themes can put off some people, so keep it simple. An Enchanted Forest theme can use green and gold shades with flowers, large leaves, toadstools, hanging branches and Christmas decorations such as twinkle lights and garlands. A colour theme party works well as many will not need to buy anything special, whilst adding an element of fun. Matching your food, décor, and games to your theme in some way, will make a great party. I believe small parties with a cool theme can be particularly memorable during Covid…Some gardens can host safe parties at a safe distance and being outside seems to be ‘safer’ than being indoors.

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Make a visual statement

Catch the eye of guests as they arrive at the party with something spectacularly visual. This could be a collage of photographs of the couple or individual, or a memorable piece like a family heirloom. For wedding anniversary celebrations, offer the same buffet foods the couple had at their reception 25, 30 or even 50 years ago. Remember, small touches make a great impact.  If you have a precious gift, incorporate that into your gift as a symbol of love. 

Create connections

The best parties are those where all the guests feel welcomed and included. As the host of the party, it may not always be easy to circuit the room to see that no one is being left out. Ask a friend or family member (it can be more than one) to keep an eye out for those that may be looking like they have been left out. Of course, some people like to take a break, but having someone else to introduce people and chat with those who appear alone can create great connections. 


For birthday parties you may want to create games to bring people together. These do not have to cost money and can include musical chairs, musical statues, a dartboard, ping pong table, or other games that one generation can pass down to the next. These could include a treasure hunt or having two competing groups passing an orange along a line without using hands. Have music playing to create a party atmosphere and encourage people to dance :-). 

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