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TopCashback Back 2 School Treats Giveaway 2019 ?

Today on 23/08/2019 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Back to School Treats giveaway!

As you know the aim of the TopCashback giveaway is to guess the brand hidden behind the flying hummingbird when using daily clues. Go on TopCashback site to see Humminbird at the bottom of the page- click on it and see a daily clue.

Every day they will present us with summer TCB daily clues for you to guess. Simply figure out the retailer mentioned in the clue and head onto that retailer page to catch the TCB Hummingbird ( he usually flies in from the top or middle left of your screen). 

Click on the Hummingbird and you get a chance to win a treat! The prize will either be a prize draw entry for the Mega Prize Draw worth a £1,000 OR a school-related treat which you collect to win one of eight instant prizes. He is also hiding among other pages as well as the daily clues, so I tend to just randomly click a few extra companies each day and hope to find him.

The giveaway is running until 08/09/19 (23:59) so we still have quite a few days of clues and prize draw entries left, you can gain extra prize draw entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

How to get started on Topcashback

If you don’t have a TopCashback.co.uk account then it takes moments to register for one here so that you are no more missing out on £100’s of cashback from everyday online purchases such as home appliances, travel, insurance or even regular clothes shopping. I’ve earned over £519 in cashback since I became TopCasback member.

Coming back to the daily clues each day  I will list the actual one so you don’t have to worry if you miss a day or two, you can still go to the daily clue you missed to find the bird and get the prize. Good Luck!

TopCashback Back 2 School Treats Giveaway Daily Clues

23rd August 2019: CarFinance 247

24th August 2019: Three SIM Contracts

25th August 2019: Elemis

26th August 2019: Harveys

27th August 2019: Gourmet Society

28th August 2019: Kickers

29th August 2019:LEGO Shop

30th August 2019: Viator

31st August 2019: M&S

1st September 2019: Veygo Insurance

2nd September 2019: Exante

3rd September 2019: Euroffice

4th September2019: Dell Consumer

5th September 2019: Flipflop

6th September 2019: Deichmann

7th September 2019: Microsoft Store

8th September 2019: Book People

Good luck, let me know if you have any wins in the comments!

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TCB BAck to school Treats Giveaway Tip:

1. Check which retailers appear in the TCB main banner or are trending now to get some more  ideas for potential clues and answers:

Trending Now TCB for clues

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