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Budget Planner Perfect for 2021 – Kakebo – from Japan to UK

2021 is about to start and potentially every other person is trying to come up with NY resolutions. I don’t normally do that as IMHO you can try to change/learn/travel/save money etc every month. You don’t need to wait till the beginning of the new year to start changing things..every moment is good for that….

So a few years ago I had my 12 resolutions for 2017 but when reading them now how many did I actually stick to? Not many and now in 2020 my outlook on life has greatly changed as last year was particularly exhausting on all possible levels to me…So now I will try to cherish every moment we have in life more…as life is fragile indeed…

Also this year however I am going to do something else. I am going to be more offline than online and for that reason I am going to use a budgeting journal. I am going to follow the Japanese art of saving money called: Kakebo

Kakebo Journal 6.99 WHSmith or Amazon

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was in debt in early 1840 and his solution to recovering from it was exactly when cutting down on many expenses he had..

Kakebo is perfect for me as it is a recipe for decluttering the finances when applying minimalism (something I have been trying to master pre-2021 already).

Kakebo chart

Ok, I am money saving girl, so you may say I do not need it – but I think that there is always a room for improvement, so here we are starting 2021 with a budgeting journal. I will plan my month ahead to be more mindful about my money.

As per Japanese people’s beliefs, tidiness in one’s finances is as important as tidiness in one’s house.  Saving money with Kakebo isn’t about being stingy, it’s about working out what is most valuable for your well being. Kakebo author claims that kakebo is the act of thinking mindfully about where one’s money goes. 

Kakebo journaling starts with setting a monthly budget. At the beginning of each month, think thoroughly about what you need not want! how much you would like to save, how to reach your goal, and spend money with your target in mind.

What is high on my wellbeing list in 2021?

    1. Health, wellbeing and good food are definitely very high up on my list as I believe you can live well for less– I am very much interested in eating quality food, food which is healthy as I don’t see any point in buying cheap processed food. In my opinion, that’s not saving money but deceiving your body and no good will come out of it in the elderly age…
    2. Books – I love reading so I keep using free Kindle Library (as an Amazon Prime member I am entitled to 1 free book per month) to get 1 free book per month, saving that way on my Amazon spend. I keep doing Google Opinion Reward surveys from time to time and using the money in Play store for books. I also use free online libraries 
    3. Traveling – whenever I am free I try to go away, so I hope to keep up this trend in 2021. Due to COVID I think I will focus on staycation though.

And what are your 2021 resolutions/plans/goals? Do you have any? Feel free to comment below 🙂

Kakebo 2021 budget planner

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  1. Hi,
    I have been looking in to doing this but cant seem to find any planners in English. May i ask where you obtained yours from, please?

    Many Thanks

  2. WHSmith, there are some on Amazon as well.