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4 Ways to travel safely and on a budget during COVID 19

Travelling has become harder since Covid-19 outbreak.Many international holiday plans got ruined. Travelling within the UK became also challenging as only since 8th of June people are allowed to meet in groups of maximum 6 people…With that in many places you are not supposed to travel more than 5 miles… Lets hope will change during the summer as I believe ‘staycation’ is the only option for a safe holiday in 2020.

What is staycation?

Staycation holiday is a vacation where you stay at or around your home. Particularly relevant in the world affected by coronavirus..Staycation so staying at home and transforming your garden into a retreat may be a good idea. In normal nonpandemic times, people sometimes go to a nearby hotel. Undoubtedly the main benefit of the staycation holiday is the money-saving aspect of it.

I do hope UK government relaxes the lockdown rules in the coming weeks and that we could turn staycation to a bit longer distance and for example take a tent and go away to Scotland or some other places to do nationalcation or countrycation 🙂

What to do on a staycation?

There are plenty of things you can do locally or hopefully at a bit longer distance should you go for staycation/nationalcation this year.

Our plan involves jumping in the car and driving to Scotland should the lockdown rules allow for longer national travels. It’s also dependant on nice weather as we would like to avoid B&Bs or hotels and use the camping field and our tent. Normally I would be excited to use Holiday Pirates to browse the deals but as we have a dog and want more privacy hoping to use the tent feels the best. However, there are many lovely accommodation options offering a bit more seclusion than big hotels.

Walking and biking are top staycation activities 🙂

What are the most popular UK staycation locations in 2020?

  • Cornwall
  • London
  • Blackpool
  • Edinburgh
  • The Lake District
  • Snowdonia
  • The Cotswolds
  • Brighton
Beautiful treehouses in the UK 🙂

How to make your staycation thrifty:

1. Follow Your Own Path

It’s very common to see travellers do what everyone else has done before them. Sadly, they sometimes act like lemmings following each other and not thinking independently. 

For example, for people who visit Cornwall, they often make a pilgrimage to Padstow, the fishing town where Celebrity Chef Rick Stein has an eatery, a bakery, and other businesses. The reality is that as places in Cornwall go, this has to be one of the dearest towns to visit even for just a day trip. 

Instead, a visit elsewhere in Cornwall while following your own path is going to be more affordable, and a lot more enjoyable. The fish and chips won’t cost as much when locally caught either. 

2. Don’t Overpay for Car Insurance

When you’ll be driving instead of flying or taking a train, then you’ll be putting some mileage on your car. If your insurance is coming up for renewal, then it’s worth it to compare car insurance at Quotezone.co.uk to see if you can get a better price. It will leave more money to go on holiday in that way. Simply enter your car reg and Quotezone will do the hard work for you.

Depending on whether you’re getting fully comprehensive or third-party fire and theft, it’s sometimes possible to get discounts on what you’re already paying. It never hurts to take a few seconds to check the prices before renewing which can be done on this price comparison site: https://www.quotezone.co.uk/car-insurance.

I do believe amending car mileage is very important at renewal. I myself went down to about 1000 miles per year on my motorcycle, whereas in a normal not ‘ I am working from home daily’ year I do a bit more than 1000 miles per year. However, that clever trick-which is actually forced on me by the reality of not going to the office daily saved me some money. Of course, I will increase that mileage allowance should I be asked to go back to the office and use up my annual 1000 miles allowance.

3. Be Specific About the Experiences You Want

When you are away, especially when visiting particularly touristy spots (see our earlier point on this), it’s important to know what experiences really matter to you. Paying up to see every attraction is not a budget-friendly approach. 

Instead, scan down the list of things to do in the area. Read up on them to learn more and scan the customer reviews too. This will give you a better idea as to whether they’ll hit the spot for you or leave you feeling that they didn’t offer much value for their price tag. Therefore, while paying for experiences is sometimes worth it, be specific about which ones are perfect for you. When travelling I rely on Visit a city as they offer a flexible sightseeing plan preparation when including many unpaid attractions to see. Its brilliant when you want to visit certain places as per the plan you have in mind or when you are time limited and are trying tome the most of that time when carefully optimising your sightseeing spots.

4. Go Self-Catering

When you go self-catering, you choose accommodation that enables you to cook for yourself. This avoids the need to go to restaurants several times each day which adds up very quickly. 

While it’s unlikely that a weekly self-catering food bill will stay the same as it is at home, it will undoubtedly be the more frugal option vs getting gouged by restaurants at every turn. Picking up some readymade salads and other quick options from a local supermarket isn’t a bad idea either. 

Also, you can better control your diet when cooking your own food. Restaurant meals often use many rich creams and other ingredients with heavy calorie counts that aren’t always desirable. 

In the coronavirus, reality self-catering is becoming even more relevant. If we do goon our countrycation and end spin Scotland we will definitely take some food with us and will eat as real campers do. I can’t wait 🙂

There are plenty of other ways to travel safely and save money when you are travelling – what are your top tips?

However, I can’t wait for COVID to be over to go for some luxurious holidays as I haven’t been on such since September 2017!

You may read this article on how to plan the best staycation ever if you still need more help and ideas on the subject 🙂

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  1. Great suggestions, Martyna! I feel quite frustrated with myself that I’ve had a lot of UK places on my bucket list to check out but barely made it to any of them, mainly due to my health. And then the virus comes along, and suddenly the old reasons/excuses seem like nothing and I wish I’d made more use of my time to explore a bit more. Brighton & Blackpool were, and still are, on my list. I think self-catering as you say is a good option, and I imagine more people that have reservations and concerns over the virus and hygiene where food and eating are concerned will likely also prefer this sort of option.

    Caz xx