Thursday , 15 November 2018
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How to Get Cheap Flights

Cheap flights finding and booking

This post does not contain any affiliate links. It is my genuine view on how to save money when finding cheap flights online. I STOPPED buying flights directly from cheap airlines sites or flight scanner sites a while ago and today I will share with you why. Let’s analyse a random …

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5 Easy ways to make your home pay

5 ways to make your home pay

When we think about making money using our houses one thing usually comes to mind : AirBnB…But there are many more ways to earn money from your home space than when just listing it on AirBnB. Sharing economy is on the rise and as per PwC analysis UK’s key sharing …

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7 Things you would not think I do…

7 things you'd not think I do

This post is not about saving money although my thrifty ways may shine through it anyway 🙂 So what are the 7 things you’d not think I do? 1.  Ride a motorcycle Those who follow me know that I ride a motorcycle. I started at the age of 30 and I …

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