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What to do if you win the lottery

what happens when you win the lottery UK

What to do if you win the lottery If or when you’re going to win the lottery prize money, or if you’ve already wanted, your first action would be to probably tell your family members, close relatives, and your friends. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s not a …

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Money saving advent calendar 2020 – Full of useful tips & ideas

Advent Calendar 2020

From good cashback offers through sites with deals and freebies.🆓 My advent calendar 2020 is ready!📅 It collates my best money saving tips and ideas, as always tried and tested by myself. Simply click on today’s date to get the money saving tip, tap on the tip window to close …

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Gadgets you didn’t know you needed

7 Gadgets you didnt know you nee

Kitchen Gadgets I can’t live without Crock Pot Crockpot 5.6Litre Express Pressure and Slow Cooker -is a pressure cooking pot my husband originally got for my parents but sadly my mum didn’t appreciate that gift, so the pot returned to our home. I am unsure why she didn’t like it …

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3 Ways you can start saving for a house deposit

Whether you’re thinking about buying a house sometime in the future but don’t really have your mind set on anything particular, or you’d like to start thinking about it within the next year or so, one of the main considerations when it comes to buying a house is saving for …

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