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Save money during the pandemic with Gosavex

As the world comes to a halt, birthdays, weddings and any social gatherings are ruined and what was the “norm” before is now somewhat a distant memory, you may be worried about what the future holds and most importantly whether or not you can afford to go on holiday once this is all over. You can take this time to review your money spending habits to start or improve saving money. 

After months of being locked up in our homes, we know that many people will be itching to jet off to relax on a beach or visit a destination other than their back garden.

However, if coronavirus has meant you have had a pay cut, been furloughed or even lost your job, then you might be struggling with money.

By visiting gosavex.com and downloading the app you will be able to track your expenditures and save for your well-deserved break. 

Creating a profile is extremely straightforward and can be done in the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet or iPad. Simply, enter your email address and create a password. A verification code will then be sent to your inbox for you to activate your account. Once this had been done, follow the clear steps to link your bank account to the app. From there the data is processed and you can begin tracking and saving your finances. 

Not only does the app allow you to identify the things you are spending your money on, but it will also give you an indication as to what things you could cut down on.

The app categorises your spending and income and allows you to view and compare your spending history from different years and months. For example, before the covid-19 crisis, you were purchasing expensive coffees and lunches every day at work. Now you are working from home, the app can show you how much money you have saved from avoiding expensive coffee shops. 

Gosavex also highlights the different subscriptions you are paying for. Did you know you were paying for a music account you never even use? By having all your accounts in one place, personal budgeting will be the easiest it has ever been. 

Through comparing your spending with other users’ expenses, you’ll be able to more effectively identify areas where you can save money. Gosavex will support you throughout your whole personal finance journey by giving advice on where to cut down spending. 

The unique printable report summary will help ensure you get to go on the holiday that you deserve. This feature allows you to compare your spending and income of 2 years through charts and graphs. You are able to navigate through categories, merchants and balances comparing how your spending patterns have changed over the years. You can also search for transactions and export them to CSV file for further analysis if required. 

Save, track and begin your personal budgeting journey all in one place at gosavex.com.

If you prefer more old school ways of tracking your spend read my older post about Kakebo.

*Gosavex is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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