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Save money on Netflix – latest offers & deals

How to save money on Netflix subscription?

Surprised by someone saying that Netflix is more expensive than TV licence I went to check that – no its not true, well not on the first two tiers of the subscription level anyway! Its basic streaming plan is actually one of the cheapest out of various streaming services available out there.

Normally its not easy to save money on Netflix subscription but it is possible to pay less for it! Check out how below:

Netflix price increase

Netflix subscription prices increased in February 2021.

  • Their Basic subscription price has not changed and is still at £5.99
  • Standard went up ny £1 to £9.99 a month and
  • Premium went up by £2 to £13.99 a month.
Netflix offers discount and deals
Netflix offers discount and deals

Chromecast and Netflix bundle deal

One of the ways of saving money on your subscription is when getting a new Chromecast with 6 months Netflix Standard plan – it costs £89.99.

Chromecast is a small device which you can plug into the TV (via HDMI or USB) to stream anything you want wirelessly using Google Chrome on your mobile phone or laptop. The new version comes with a remote control if you do not want to use your phone or computer to share screens to your TV.

By default this bundle offers you an access to a Standard subscription for 6 months for two people streaming at the same time with a HD quality.

How long is the Chromcast and Netflix bundle available for?

The Chromecast+Netflix offer is valid between 30 September 2020 and 31 December 2021 and  includes six months of the Netflix standard two-screen streaming plan. Offer redemption ends in March 2022. The deal is open to the new and existing customers.

How much can we save when getting a Chromecast with Netflix?

The value of standalone 6 months Netflix plan is  £59.94 and Chromecast bought separately costs £59.99 in that case we pay £30 for Netflix in the first 6 months of having the Standard plan.

Do I have to go for the Netflix Standard with the Chromecast bundle?

No, you may apply the value of the offer to a different Netflix streaming plan. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. So if you choose Basic you will enjoy it for a bit longer (10 months) and if you choose its most expensive – Premium you will enjoy it for less than 6 months (4 months to be exact).

Is it possible to watch Netflix for free in the UK?

Unfortunately not any longer since they stopped the free trial in the UK in late 2019. It still has a page with a limited selection of content you can watch for free – without a need to set up an account and pay a subscription. iOs is not supported.

Some of the free content include: Our Planet, Stranger Things, Love is Blind or When They See Us.

Does Netflix offer free trials?

Netflix has been phasing out free trials since 2018 and they are not available any longer in the UK. Netflix offers three payment plans available for users to choose from. From as little as £5.99 (no HD, 1 screen) through £9.99 (HD+2 screens streaming at the same time) to £13.99 (4K quality+4 devices streaming at the same time at the same time). 

What Netflix subscription is the best?

As always it depends on your requirements… Most of my friends are happy with either Basic or Standard plan. Not all movies are available in 4K, so getting the best tier may not offer this benefit on everything you want to watch. You can always switch between tiers to see which one works best for you. 

Netflix sharing

We use the same account with my sister as its unlikely either of us streams Netflix on more than 1 device per household (it works even though officially you can share your subscription with anyone at your address only). That way we share the price of the Standard plan between 2 families so it costs each of us only £4.99 per month which is probably the best deal for now especially if you have Chromecast and don’t plan to get any advantage of that offer. So use that sharing idea while they don’t restrict it as I am sure soon they will limit it to the same IP address and then we may test various VPNs…

Is there any cashback credit card paying Netflix subscription?

Yes, you can use your cashback credit card to pay your Netflix subscription although its a mere 1% in case of using American Express so I’d not get it for that purchase alone. However a free AmEx credit card  may come handy if you plan big purchases in a short period of time (5% for the first three months of spending (up to £2,000 spend) & 0.5% after you spent your first £2000 – capped on spend up to £5,000). Do not forget to get TopCashback cashback on signing for your AmEx credit card.

Can I get discounted Netflix gift cards?

In the past some places such as CardYard offered some discounted Netflix gift cards. At the time of writing this post (February 2021) sadly  they do not offer them.

Other retailers such as Currys dont have them in their stock either. If they  do not forget to get cashback on them.

Are there other ways to save on Netflix?

I love Netflix but I also like Amazon Prime. If like us you have both and want to save some money maybe pause your Netflix subscription for when you rely on Amazon Prime Video or other service and unpause it when you are ready to come back to it. 

I also tried Rakuten as I get an access to 1 free movie per week whenever I hit my fitness targets as its one of the perks on my private health insurance Vitality. 

Is Netflix the best streaming service in the UK?

Out of those 3 mentioned above Netflix is defo the best streaming service in the UK. Not only they have a vast movies library and movies in many other languages than just English but they also have an audio also available in many other languages other than English.

Amazon Prime Video is good but they do not offer any other languages than English.

Rakuten is the poorest in terms of the language or even subtitles support as they don’t offer any!

Of course there is Sky or NOW TV but if like me you dont watch any TV Id not talk you into getting any TV subscriptions instead 🙂 However if you do watch TV you may check their free trials before deciding on any straming service.

Wondering what to watch on Netflix, check out this post of mine 🙂

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